Insights to Lead a Successful Business by Isabel dos Santos

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Being a successful businesswoman in a male-dominated industry is a challenging journey. Isabel dos Santos, however, worked hard and in a more creative way than her male counterparts did to succeed. She acknowledges her father for raising a competent and strong woman she is today. He always motivated her to be confident in everything she…

The Headquarters of OSI Group

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Earlier this year, OSI Group acquired Rose Packing Co, Inc. Rose Packing is among the top pork producers and distributors to retail locations all across the country. It maintains its headquarters in Barrington, Illinois with a 700-employee production facility in Chicago. Leading this particular transaction on behalf of OSI was Kevin Scott, senior executive vice…

Paul Mampilly Leverages Solid Knowledge Built for Decades to Help Americans Make Money

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Paul Mampilly launched Profits Unlimited newsletter in an effort to help Americans to make money. The newsletter has attracted over 60,000 subscribers. He is now off Wall Street and he is at the main street providing his investment recommendations. People are always eager to read Paul Mampilly‚Äôs advice because of his success. In 2009, he…

Mike Nierenberg’s Contribution To the Economy

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One of the most significant parts of an economy, a country, and the world is the stock market. It plays a crucial and vital role when it comes to the growth of the economy and the rise of the industry. The economy of a country is greatly affected by the commerce of the country to…

Services Offered by Agera Energy Agency

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Agera energy agency is a company based on Briarcliff Manor, New York which was established in 2004. The company deals with electricity and natural gas at retail price. The name of this company merely to take action which implies that the company is proactive in its operations. Agera energy agency also offers consultancy services that…

Serge Belamant; the Innovation Geek

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The journey of Serge towards becoming one of them the world best innovators is an interesting one. He spent most of his childhood in the small village of Tulle, France. At the age of 14, he moved to South Africa alongside his parents. That is where Serge Belamant began his new adventure. South Africa is…

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