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In an interview with Bob Reina, the founder of Talk Fusion, he goes on record about how WebRTC is blowing up and what changes it is expected to bring in the years coming. For those people who do not know what WebRTC is, it simply means real time communications. The technology has taken over most of the industry with even more changes coming each year. For a business that is already leading in the technology department, they are anxious about the new ideas they can launch.


Bob Reina also discusses always being at the front of the line in technology innovation. He is always looking for what could possibly be the next big thing. Not only does he does this but those who are developing things for Talk Fusion have the same mindset. The goal of the business is to keep thinking of new ideas, enhancing the products they already have and find something to fill in the areas where the communications area is missing.


Talk Fusion has won 2 awards in the last year, 1 for the WebRTC Product for the product solutions that Talk Fusion has came up with and for being the 2016 Communications Solutions for the year with the products they have made. For Talk Fusion, this is just the start of it all.


Talk Fusion is the leader in assisting small and large businesses to come up with plans to help them become known from their competitors, to help them increase the profits they make through more sales. They also want to keep coming up with ideas that will help to ensure that their customers will continue coming back to Talk Fusion. They are always creating new and engaging ways to make marketing more successful.


The products that Talk Fusion boasts about are presented by the people known as Independent Associates, these individuals operate in over 140 countries and new members are given access to a free 30 day trial to find out if they love the Talk Fusion Video Suite before they actually have to purchase it.


The latest news that Bob Reina has to bring about Talk Fusion is the newest office opening. The latest office was opened in New Delhi, India and has been raved about by those who live in India. The new space is going to be used for training and new solutions for products by Talk Fusion. Learn more:

As the CEO of Seattle Genetics, Dr. Clay Siegall knows that the work he and his firm do can literally save lives. He leads a biotech firm that works tirelessly to improve the mortality rates in diseases that have not seen any improvement in literally years. What makes Siegall and his firm tick? In order to answer that question, he recently sat down for an interview with InspireRy.

Siegall has had notable success with Seattle Genetics since its founding in 1998, including the development of the first antibody drug conjugate and partnerships with pharmaceutical companies such as Bayer, Genentech and Pfizer. The first question posed to him was simply regarding how he got started in the business, and he answered in a typical humble fashion:

Simply put, he said he got interested in cancer research while studying zoology at the University of Maryland. After a family member got stricken with cancer, he noticed how their treatment regimen was exceedingly brutal. He decided to change his course of study after this family member almost died from the chemotherapy alone.

The next question the interviewer wanted to know was how Seattle Genetics was profitable. Siegall noted how they make a lot of money through the selling of their anitbody drug and how they are able to raise capital through production partnerships and the licensing of technologies.

Clay Siegall noted how getting drugs approved was an extremely long, time consuming, expensive and risky process. Is it worth it? According to Siegall and many others it is. Of course, Siegall noted how you really don’t go into this business in order to make money, which led to the next question:

How long did it take for Seattle Genetics to become profitable?

According to Dr. Siegall, the company did not become profitable until at least ten years after their IPO. Siegall also noted how their were several times in 1999 and 2000 where things got a little difficult and he thought the company would fail. However, the one thing that sets him apart is his work ethic. His answer to hard times? Simply batten down the hatches and get back to work!

     The American Institute of Architects is an organization that provides education, mentorship and guidance to a number of architects in the field. It was established in the latter half of the 19th century and has experienced steady growth throughout its history. Today the organization has over 90,000 members and over 260 chapters worldwide. With the American Institute of Architects, a number of professionals in the field will be in position to enhance their careers as well as gain new knowledge about many aspects of the field. With professional development, a number of architects will be able to improve their skills, learn new ones and also find new ideas to make better quality projects. As a result, the American Institute of Architects is one of the professional organizations that benefits architects in terms of professional advancement.

What has helped make the American Institute of Architects into one of the top professional organizations is its values. The institute has adopted a certain philosophy that has enabled it to help many professionals advance in the field. Values such as equity, diversity and inclusion have enabled the organization to allow architects of varied experiences come together and contribute to the field. With a number of different backgrounds, each member is able to provide valuable feedback in terms of introducing new projects, improvements in designing infrastructure as well as new skills that can improve overall efficiency. As well as diversity and inclusion, the American Institute of Architects also looks to address things such as climate change, immigration and sustainability. By addressing these issues, it will be in position to complete projects that efficiently improve the overall environment.

The chief executive officer and executive vice president of the American Institute of Architects is Robert Ivy. He has served as the leader of this organization for six years and has helped it maintain its reputation as a top professional organization. Ivy helps ensure that the values of the organization remain intact as well as making sure that all of the members receive the assistance they need in order to improve their knowledge and skills. As well as being the top executive of this organization, Robert has been involved in the publishing industry. He served as a chief editor for a number of top architectural publications during his career. With his experience in publishing, he was able to win a number of awards that demonstrated his knowledge of the field. This allowed him to establish himself as a leading expert in the field of architecture.

Rocketship is a group of non-profit public elementary charter schools that was established in 2006. It serves communities that cannot gain access to excellent schools due to low income. It aims at breaching the gap of achievement by developing a scalable and sustainable school model across the country to enable students of communities that are not prosperous to gain success. They work closely with parents, districts, organizations in the society and other charter schools to ensure they become successful in eliminating the gap.

Their approach to teaching is teacher-guided and supported by technology. They customize learning to furnish every student with the right content at the right time through the right way. They engage parents broadly in the learning of their children and school community to ensure they become lifelong advocates for their children and their community.

They believe that every person has a potential if given a chance and the right environment. They take it as their responsibility to bring out the potential in every person they serve. Their culture and mission to bring change in the future of low-income communities countrywide is not only fast-paced but also very data-driven and concentrates on achieving excellence for students and families at every point in life.

They have a lot of resources which facilitates in accomplishing their mission. These resources include poster printers, operations assistance and much more. In addition to that, their employees are passionate and very committed to what they do which also plays a significant role in ensuring they succeed. Everyone is here for the kids. They believe that all children can and will accomplish and they are dedicated to seeing that it becomes a reality.

Rocketship comprehends that to achieve their mission, they must support their workers. Their employees enjoy good salaries, work with flexible schedules, treated with holidays and many more. If you are not experienced in teaching, you do not have to worry about it. Rocketship can guide along the way. Managers has several roles to play over you. They are the bosses and coaches too. They give guidelines that you should follow in order to become a good educator.

People who are very fashion forward or focused on fashion in other ways know that there are plenty of issues in the industry. One of the major issues in the industry is cost. This is a major factor in that many of the best looking pieces of fashion are priced way out of affordable range. Many women often have to just settle for admiring the clothes from a distance. If they are lucky, then they can get this item off of second hand stores depending on the price of the item that it is sold at.


Another major issue with fashion is in sizing. A lot of fashion retailers are selling exclusively clothes that are too small for the majority of women in the market. The largest size in many fashion stores are too small for the average sized woman. This is a very big issue in the world of fashion, especially if men can easily find clothes even as they get into the above average sizes. A man would have to be extremely big or tall to have to shop in the big and tall sections. Women have to go to the plus sized sections which are rare.


The rest of the issues range from the quality of the fabrics to the pollution and ethical issues of fashion companies. It is not a rarity for someone to buy clothing at any price and have it fall apart on them within a short time of getting it. This often defeats the purpose for many people. Fortunately, all of these issues in the fashion industry and more are addressed by Kate Hudson with the fashion retailer known as Fabletics. One thing that can be said about Fabletics is that it styles people and make them feel proud and noble for wearing clothes from this company.


Fabletics is very innovative in not only the ways that it provides products but also in the way it markets the products. There is more community interaction in the marketing. Customers are encouraged to leave their reviews as well as provide feedback to the company so that they can make adjustments in ways that will improve the relationship with customers. After all, a wise entrepreneur understands that the best way to be successful among customers is to give them what they want. Meanwhile, it is also good to push for progress and innovation in any given industry.

End Citizens United is a Political Action Committee in the United States that has been on record for relentlessly spearheading for campaign finance reform. It was founded on March 1st, 2015, and comprises of grassroots donors and activists across the nation. Recently End Citizens United endorsed Randy Bryce for Congress who will run against his opponent Paul Ryan, a Republican senator from Wisconsin. Paul has served as the Speaker of the house since 2015 and has significant support in the state’s 1st Congressional District. This will not be the first time for Randy Bryce to run for office: he ran for a state assembly seat in 2012, Racine County Board of Education in 2013, and a state senate seat in 2014.

The two gentlemen have had diverged opinions on campaign finance reform. Randy Bryce strongly advocates for a constitutional amendment that seeks to overturn Citizens United v. Federal Elections Commission while on the other hand, Paul Ryan has been fiercely against such a reform. In 2010, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Federal Elections Commission by allowing unlimited and untraceable donations to be made for campaigns. However, ECU feels that by allowing campaigns to be funded with faceless money, the courts gave rise to a tidal wave of dark money into politics which will compromise the integrity of elections. ECU’s primary objective is to overturn this ruling by advocating disclosure of campaign finance to prevent buying of elections by billionaires and influential global people. Unlike Ryan’s campaign which is funded by large corporations and interested groups, Bryce campaign donations are majorly from individual donors and well-wishers. This will undoubtedly be the most anticipated midterm elections especially with the support of End Citizens United behind Randy Bryce.

End Citizens United has so far received about $2 million from grassroots donors as they seek to increase the funding to more than $30. The famous political action committee majorly funds democrats. Republican leadership in the Congress has been adamantly against reforms of the campaign finance, and ECU believes that by backing Democrats the candidates will be vital champions for campaign finance reforms.

So far, End Citizens United has endorsed other eleven Democratic candidates amongst them Sen. Michael Bennet of and former Sen. Russ Feingold. Lately, ECU has been creating awareness to the public about the repercussions of the Supreme Court ruling in 2010 by launching information campaigns about the influence of powerful groups and organization in politics. The group has grown in numbers nationwide and has been able to achieve a higher level of individual involvement in national matters. End Citizens United looks forward to meeting transparency in governance through organizing peaceful protests of harmful legislation.

Read more: Russians Weren’t the Only Meddlers in the 2016 Election According to End Citizens United

Being on the wrong side of the law can be frightening. It’s even worse when you do not have any resources to defend yourself. Some people commit crimes as a defense mechanism. Some convicts are the victims of their circumstances.

However, with the best lawyers in the universe, some able people get away with crimes while the innocent spend all their life paying for crimes they never committed. This is just a taste of the rotten world we live in and have embraced. Read more:Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

Humanitarians feel that this should not continue being the course that the society runs. They are people who have volunteered their financial resources and time to make things right. Through philanthropists, everyone in the community is served with justice.

DACA foundation is an example of an organization that has taken the responsibility of fighting for immigrants’ rights. The association was formed to protect the individuals who have been in the states for most of their lives from being deported.

DACA foundation gives their members an addition of two years from their deportation date. During this time, the individual chooses what they want to do. Priorities differ from one member to another.

Some members decide to complete their education. Other members prefer to get the full documentation to stay in the country legally. In the case where the members have not fulfilled their needs, a renewal of membership is allowed.

DACA foundation currently has more than 800000 members who are qualified for the program. Recently, the Texas Attorney General accused the firm of not having the legal documents to exist in the country. Learn more about Michael Lacey and James Larkin:

The Attorney General has, therefore, demanded to have the institution closed down. During the process, the organization can neither renew memberships nor recruit new members. This is a big downside to the beneficiaries.

The Arizona settlers who were the initial and the majority of the beneficiaries of the project has openly regarded the action to close DACA Foundation as mean.

They go ahead and explain that the immigrants deserve appreciation. They say that these individuals have spent the big part of their life making the state a better place.

Moreover, in the case where the beneficiary settles down, it becomes a big boost to the economy. This is because the beneficiaries use their salary to pay for car and house mortgages. This is revenue to the government. For the educated elites, they become the intellect property to the state. It is, therefore, only fair to treat the immigrants with gratitude.

The members were scared after Kelly made his announcement. This was in association with the allegations. He said that the situation was still affecting the firm despite the efforts.

However, a cloud of hope has finally shown up with the Lacey and Frontera Fund involvement in the case. Formed by the co-founders of ‘’The Phoenix New Times”, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, the institution has a history of winning their legal battles.

The DACA members are, therefore, confident that the Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Frontera fund is going to save the day.

Omar Boraie, the head of Boraie Development LLC is a visionary man determined to shape New Brunswick the same way as he saw in Europe when he was traveling from Egypt as a scholar. He is an immigrant from Egypt and went to New Brunswick to pursue a PH.D. in Chemistry. It is here that he found the inspiration of indulging in the real estate industry.

He has seen the outstanding potential in New Brunswick for 40 years where he has continuously invested in the real estate market with his recent investment being a deluxe luxury high-rise residential. The Aspire residential in the center of the City marks his first significant project in town. His primary goal is attracting quality tenants.

Sam Boraie says New Brunswick was in bad shape back in 1972. The streets were deserted after working hours and Omar decided to do something to change it. Omar was determined to change useless and unworthy things to something useful. His first project was a block with 21 vacant crumbling buildings. He opened Albany Street Plaza Tower one by 1988 offering top class offices to the residents. He later built a second one, Tower Two besides the first one.

In a report by Rutgers, with time, he realized the city was in need of some quality residential facilities. He came up with the idea of putting up a high rise building complex similar to the city of New York. He decided to construct a 25 story structure with a total of 121 units loaded with various facilities like office space, parking, and retail shops. It was the tallest building in the city. Check out Central Jersey Working Moms to know more.

He has also ventured in luxury developments where he has built Aspire Apartments to house professionals who work in New Brunswick like police, lawyers, and doctors among others. The design of the apartments suited younger trendy tenants seeking style and comfort. They are well situated with plenty of restaurants, nightlife and entertainment facilities being easily accessible.

He founded Boraie Development LLC in 1986, a company that is dedicated to taking up plots and buildings that are not well used and turning them into useful properties that offer enough housing and office space. The company works with reputable financial institutions, visionary architects and time conscious contractors for successful completion of projects that they undertake. This company develops office building and Condos in New Brunswick, Atlantic City, and Newark. The Aspire Apartments, one of the best apartments in the New Brunswick area, is a product of this company.

In its short existence ROC Nation (founded in 2008 by entertainer Jay-Z) has skyrocketed into the world’s preeminent entertainment company as noted by its website. Spanning all areas of the entertainment industry, ROC Nation’s list of clients includes the names of those on the cutting edge of performers from recording artists, producers, songwriters and has moved into the realm of athletes as well.

While the names of those of those that ROC Nation serve (Rihanna, Shakira, Kevin Durant, Dez Bryant)are well known to the public, the name behind the names may not be – that name is Desiree (Dez) Perez. But to those that know the industry Dez Perez IS well known. A 22 year industry veteran, she is the engine that has not only moved Jay-Z’z career interests forward, but his business interest ROC Nation forward as well.

Dez Perez and her husband Juan Perez have a strong and influential presence in the music and entertainment industry. In an industry that can be tough and unforgiving, Desiree has not only shown a resilience (as noted 22 years industry experience), she has also negotiated some of the biggest deals on ROC Nation’s portfolio. A reflection of her ability to handle the pressures of high-stake negotiations while exuding a character that is enthusiastically confident and straight forward. With Dez Perez you know who you are dealing with whether posing with her in front of the camera or talking multi-million dollar deals in the backroom. Dez Perez is continuing to lead in this industry and many are enjoying the fruits of her labor.


Highland Capital made a promotion from within its ranks just this last month for credit research manager Trey Parker who will now be co-Chief Investment Officer with Mark Okada on the Highland Capital Advisors board of directors. CEO James Dondero and longtime CIO Mark Okada both said that the promotion had been well-earned by Parker who had contributed a lot to the firm in the 10 years he had been there. Both said that he understood clients needs very well and that he could do even more for the firm on the executive committee. This promotion will now make Parker a member of Highland’s Equity and Structured Products Investment Committee.

Highland Capital has become one of the most recognized private equity firms across not only Dallas but the entire US. Their leaders have built the company largely on its collateralized loan obligation platform, which is a kind of bond pooled with both high-risk and low-risk business loans, and Highland’s portfolio managers have managed to turn these investments into quality performers. They also are a lead company in fixed income funds, high-yield credit, healthcare equity and other retirement and pension funds. Highland Capital also owns the Highland Foundation which has been busy supporting Dallas humanitarian and veterans services.

Dondero and Okada founded Highland Capital back in 1993, though they did not officially change its name till they bought it out from its original owners in 1998. Dondero had begun in investment banking back in 1984 as an advisor and analyst for American Express, and Okada had served with Mitsui Manufacturers Bank and Hibernia National Bank prior to teaming up with each other. Highland Capital was originally a small company at Protective Life Asset Management that Dondero and Okada both were tasked with building into a big operation at the company. The subsidiary grew so big that it had eventually passed its parent company in stature. After being renamed Highland Capital, it also became a partner with Acis Capital and NexPoint Advisors, and Dondero and Okada both serve on the board of directors at Nexbank.

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