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When people talk about Gareth Henry, they only know about his latest appointment as the managing director of an investing company. This organization deals with global alternative investments and has been in the news lately for appointing a top professional to head its operations. However, what most people do not know is that Henry has been involved in many projects that have changed the business and investment industry. They also do not know that he is an accredited professional who has worked with various leading companies in the same niche. Here are some of the things that you may not know about Gareth Henry.

He is a philanthropist

Although Gareth Henry is always busy working in his various positions and attending to his private investments, he always finds time to help others. This was largely demonstrated when he agreed to fund a group that was looking for funds to help students who want to establish career in business and investment. The group is based at the Herriot-Watt University in Edinburgh where he studied. Through the funds, many students have successfully acquired skills that make them some of the best budding investors.

He is an actuarial mathematician

When Gareth Henry graduated from the Herriot-Watt University, he was being awarded a Bachelors Degree in Actuarial Mathematics. He went straight to employment at the Watson Watt Company where he was a member of a research team. His performance saw him move to the Global Investment Management Services before heading to SEI investments. Because of his outstanding performance and productivity, several companies showed interest in hiring him. It is because of this situation that he worked at Angelo, Gordon & Co., Fortress, Shroders, and other companies before finally finding his way to The company as the managing director in February 2019. Gareth Henry was born in London but he currently lives in New York. During his professional career, he has managed operations in different parts of the world including Europe and Asia. He has also received several accolades including accreditation in the United Kingdom and the United States. As the head of an investing company, everyone is confident that he will replicate the success that he has achieved in the other positions that he previously held.

Talkspace is an online based platform that offers inexpensive and private therapy to a network of different personnel’s via the licensed therapists irrespective of where the client’s location. The therapy company aims at bringing a happy life to a billion people. Users can also be able to enjoy the facility of unlimited messaging to their appropriate therapists without having to book appointments anywhere. The company takes a huge advantage to the growing technology and internet in order to offer a good approach towards therapy. The company further explains that people tend to open up their issues while in private rather than publicly that being the reason for maintaining confidential communication with their potential clients. Visit talkspace on Instagram for updates

This month the company has hired the prior senior medical director at UnitedHealth, Neil Leibowitz. His hiring has come at a point when the company is bringing up its enterprise business and resolving a strong IPO. Oren Frank the C.E.O of the company previously told CNBC that the company had hit more than 900 million users from their five years of service charging $49 for messaging a mental health professional and $79 for talking to a therapist online per week. All of these are giving the company over five million dollars as their income. With the recent hiring of the senior medical doctor the company’s physicians will be able to commence prescribing medicines when needed. Due to the national and law regulations they will only be able to prescribe via the videos.

In his twitter page Oren Frank keeps it professional. From his status he posts the aim of the company availing therapy to all and amongst his recent post is about helping teens in therapy. More to the company’s mission of making people happier his most recent post is about a hilarious video which has been viewed and liked by many showing the effect of therapy on the lives of personnel’s. Visit:

Ashley Lightspeed is a businesswoman who is highly professional and helps companies and entrepreneurs to grow in the United States. She is also a business consultant who mainly deals with prototyping. Ashley has been having a passion for prototyping since he was young. And her passion was initiated by her father who was an engineer and used to spend most of the time with her. She also used to visit their garage regularly coming up with ideas, building things as well as sketching ideas. View Ashley’s profile at Linkedin.

Ashley studied her bachelor’s degree in Business at the Duke University which she joined in the year 2012 and graduated in 2016. She later continued with his studies to the masters level and entered the postgraduate schooling business in the Stanford Graduate School where she studied a master’s degree in Business. Ashley completed his masters in 2016 a started working with Bain Company as a consultant officer helping small companies and young people in business.

As she was working as a consultant, Ashley Brasier also used to do more operational works at Silicon Valley. Later she moved to Thumbtack Products Limited where he was employed as the Category manager. Some of her roles in the company included customer service and developing the Event and Wedding categories. Ashley applied his prototyping techniques in undertaking her task as a Category Manager, and indeed she worked excellently.

After working with Thumbtack for several years, Ashley Lightspeed moved to Lightspeed Venture Partners where she was employed as the Consumer Investor. She was also a consultant and used to guide small companies on how to grow and increase their productivity. Ashley also has some partnership with the company and plays an essential role in its growth and prosperity.

Ashley Brasier helps companies and businessperson in building their business empires.

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Mental health is very important for the body. This is because when some are in perfect mental health, the brain carries out its functions very well in the body. The brain is part of the central nervous system and controls very many body functions. It is responsible for controlling our thoughts, emotions, speech, and body movements and also interprets nerve impulses for the body. If someone is in unstable mental health, he or she is likely to interfere with the brain and in turn, it will be incapable of performing its functions in the body.

Some of the mental health problems that are common in many people include depression, bipolar mood disorder, emotional disorders, and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). These are some very serious mental disorders that require urgent treatment if one is spotted to have any of them. If left untreated, these mental disorders lead to suicidal thoughts and hence the victims end up ending their own lives. Luckily there is a company that has come to save people from mental disorders. Neurocore is a prolific company that has incorporated innovation and technology to treat mental disorders.

It deals with depression, ADHD, an emotional disorders and so many more. It has set up clinics in different countries and has equipped the clinics with the latest technologically advanced equipment for treating patients with, mental disorders. In addition to that, Neurocore has gone ahead to an employed qualified and competent team of psychiatrists to conduct treatment to their clients. The treatment they offer has been proven to be safe for patients and contain very minimum side effects which are not harmful to the patients. Neurocore has become very popular due to their ability to exemplary mental treatment which has saved many people from harmful mental disorders. It is without any doubt that Neurocore is an exemplary company.

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Guilherme Paulus has been serving in the tourism industry in Brazil since he was a young man. He is a founding partner of CVC, which is the largest retail tourism network in the country. His business savvy and eye for where to place CVC locations has has greatly helped to grow the company he loves for all of these years. In 2009, he made the decision to sale a piece of CVC to the Carlyle Group. This helped to greatly expand it over the following years and continues to do so.

Guilherme Paulus received a degree in business administration during his college years, and he helped to found CVC with Carlos Vicente Cerchiari. Their partnership continued for a few years and saw Paulus managing the day-to-day operations of CVC while Cerchiari provided the funding for the company. After Cerchiari went his own way, Paulus was free to do even more for the company. In the early days of CVC, the company started out with one smaller location in Santo Andre. Some years after the sale of CVC to the Carlyle Group took place, the company was able to enter into the stock market.

Today, CVC is worth billions of dollars and plans on continuing to open over 100 new stores in Brazil every year. Guilherme Paulus is not only known as a businessman in Brazil but also a socially conscious entrepreneur. He has been very supportive of social initiatives that will help the tourism sector and has earned multiple awards. Paulus is also the founder of GJP Hotels and Resorts, which is now one of the top hotel groups in Brazil.

Guilherme Paulus has been able to succeed in whatever business sector he has entered into. He has a special talent for making all of his employees and customers feel special and appreciated. He spends a good amount of his time, nowadays, visiting employees at his hotel chain and engaging his guests. Paulus has not only improved the tourism industry in Brazil. He has also been a part of improving tourism in many other global countries. One of these countries is France, and he has been honored with awards and other recognitions for his work there. Como o bilionário Guilherme Paulus pretende se tornar o maior hoteleiro do Brasil

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Tumultuous economic times led up the current economic climate. Economists did not call the economic slump a depression, but many people called it the Great Recession, and it lasted longer than many people expected. Starting a real estate investment business at this time is nearly impossible, and growing one is a Herculean task, but the New Residential Investment Corp managed to do so.

While the company started slightly before the first signs of the housing market collapse of 2008, they found out that starting and growing their portfolio and the portfolios of others during the housing market’s recovery. The company used techniques long known to work with investors. Getting into a market after a crash is the best time for a new investor.

The New Residential Investment Corp brings its experiences with the market and its investors to its new clients while it continues to serve its pre-existing clientèle. People seeking to add to their portfolio should seek out their expertise.

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There are a lot of energy companies out there, but it is important that you use and find the one that you are going to find useful. The most important thing to remember is that Agera Energy is one of the top energy providers in the country. They offer a wide range of different services to those who want to be able to make the switch and know that they are doing something positive for their customers and family members. Whether you are a homeowner or business owner, Agera Energy has the plans and several energy packages that you need to power up your life.

You can choose between either electricity or natural gas if this is something that you will want to utilize for yourself. Once you have chosen to make the switch, you can check out the Agera Energy site and sign up for an account. Once you have created an account for yourself, you can track usage and look at rates that are specific to the type of energy that you are using. You can also pay your bill from home by using the website, making it easier than ever for you to take control of your energy needs and know that you have chosen a company that you can trust.

There are millions of people currently using the Agera Energy company for all that it has been able to do for them. If you are ready to make a switch and change for yourself, it is important to look into this company and see why they have been able to offer a range of different options for yourself and your company or family members. You will also find that they are incredibly low cost energy when compared to some of the other companies that can be found out there. You will enjoy being able to get the most out of this option and see for yourself why this is a choice that is right for you. There are going to be a lot of different options out there and it is easy to see why people are making the switch.


Ashley Lightspeed is an entrepreneur, investor, developer and the current partner at Lightspeed Ventures Partners, a venture capital company based in San Francisco Bay Area, California. She grew up with her father, an architect, and became passionate in the development of new items, services, and unique models. However, during her studies, she got an interest in creating services and products in the business industry such as event planning. See More of Ashley Lightspeed at Bloomberg


Ashley Lightspeed attended Durham Academic between 2004 and 2008; Duke University where she graduated with BA in Media andVisual Studies, Markets and Management; and later received her MBA from Stanford University Graduate School of Business in 2018. Her studies have made her speak English fluently and proficient in French which has significantly helped her in her professional career. Other than learning in institutions, she has gained adequate experience in her career that has primarily helped her in undertaking her duties.


She began her career in Washington Metro Area operating as a Senior Associate at Gain & Company in August 2012 and left on July 2015. A few months later before parting the company, she joined Thumbtack on February 2015 as a Category Manager based in San Fransisco Bay Area. After two years and five months, she worked for Growth Stage Companies taking the position of a Growth Advisor and Consultant personnel. Following her studies at SUGSB, in 2018, she joined Lightspeed Venture Partners in November 2018. Over the years, she is among the recognized female entrepreneurs who have significantly changed the business industry.

Career at Lightspeed Ventures Partners

She joined the company immediately after her MBA and brought significant contributions to the company such as capitalizing on developing new ideas. She developed opportunities for diverse operations of the company and the provision of vital insights in the retail market. Other involvements include providing consultancy services to startup companies, offering guidelines on complex business situations and encouraging young entrepreneurs.

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Organo Gold, one of the best coffee marketing platform recently associates the musical understanding aspect as that of coffee texture and taste. One of the famous American jazz musician namely Louis Armstrong associated coffee with music in the sense that, music takes long term experience and also relies majorly on talent to create good music and so as coffee, it is far much better to have an encounter with it rather than trying to describe it.

Coffee culture is defined as adoption and diffusion of coffee as a stimulant widely consumed by a particular group of individuals, particularly for socialization purposes. Understanding the coffee culture definition better comes with one visiting a coffee shop since the culture is made up of interaction between two coffee consuming parties.

Coffee obsession in Northern America has led writers to write on some of the different American styles of coffee consumption. Every wave of coffee consumption is an improvement of the previous stream. The first wave entails the availability of coffee through traditional coffee pots during dinner which is greatly influenced by the instant coffee invention.

The second wave concentrates majorly on making the coffee more delicious while the third wave is characterized in how the coffee lovers appreciate the value of the drink itself rather than its marketing perspectives.

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Need a new coffee mug, tumbler or a shaker❓ New items are now available at 💥 Check them out and get your orders in❗️ #TasteTheGold

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Organo Gold’s key objective which includes the provision of high-quality coffee and also sharing what that has already thas shared brilliant ideas on how to make a delicious coffee of one’s preferences.

Organo Gold has mentioned one of the flavors and also what they bring about to your coffee. Some of the spices mentioned include cinnamon mocha which makes the coffee to be creamy and sweet. Other spices which can cause coffee more delicious also include pumpkin spice and iced orange creamsicle.

Agera energy agency is a company based on Briarcliff Manor, New York which was established in 2004. The company deals with electricity and natural gas at retail price. The name of this company merely to take action which implies that the company is proactive in its operations. Agera energy agency also offers consultancy services that enable their clients to make the right decisions regarding energy. The agency allows people to establish a balance between best energy utilization and the finances used.

Agera agency is a flexible company that makes the best option for customers in need of a retail supplier of energy, especially during the financial crisis. Agera agency always has the best interest of the clients prioritized hence economic exploitation is unheard of. The Agency`s staff facilitates healthy interaction with their customers. This has been found to contribute towards the success and growth of Agera Energy Agency and the satisfaction of their clients.

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