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During natural calamities and disasters, the FEMA taps other private companies to respond as soon as they are given the go signal. These companies are instrumental in rebuilding damaged structures and rehousing affected members of the community. One company that offers an efficient and professional approach in rehousing the families affected by the disaster is the Green Structure Homes of Alabama, headed by Barbara Stokes. Visit to know more about Barbara Stokes.


GSH of Alabama is a private contractor offering Disaster Relief Construction. It specifically provides and builds different kinds and sizes of modular homes to serve as temporary shelter to affected families in the community. The innovative homes are efficient and loaded with the necessary things needed by the survivors. GSH of Alabama modular homes is inspired by the shortcomings of FEMA in the past. The company designs its modular structures with more rapid build times and low lifecycle cost to provide homes to the refugees and meet their needs as soon as possible.



Barbara Stokes is the brain behind these efficient product and services offered by Green Structure Homes of Alabama. She is the founder and the chief executive officer of GSH. Barbara is proud of the company’s modular homes and structures and gives the credit to their in-house engineers, design team, and architects. She revealed that she always work side by side with the team to make sure that ideas are efficiently applied and translated from conception to production. Read more at Business Insider.


One thing that Vijay Eswaran may not have known about the Tailored Brands is that it is one that is a large provider of clothes to men in the United States. The company has significant reach with over 1400 stores. They have slow cut down the number of stores.

All stores, are leased.

Vijay Eswaran and his QI Group would want to stop here and know what demographics stop by to check out the business. We would also want to know how many times someone would come back and shop at the business.

According to their executive teams, they lean toward a younger demographic. They want to stay as the one brand that the younger crowd, particularly 25-year olds and younger will go to and get their professional attire. They also think that older people would shop here as well.

This lets Vijay Eswaran and the QI group ask another question. Are corporate work environments are going to be more lax and casual in the future or will there be a need for suits? What’s the first place these young people will think about when they try to buy their professional clothing?

Is it MW or JOsB?

The sales team is one that is supposed to have the knowledge to help you navigate your way through the suits. They should help you pick the suits that are right for you.

  1. The company is also innovating and paying attention to trends.

One key trend the company paid attention to was that of custom clothing via JOsB. A company would see that the customer likes certain items from different items and packages. This has been a segment for growth, sales from this component increased to more than 180 million. Consumers really seem to like this process and product.

It is analysis like this that helps Vijay Eswaran and the QI group succeed.

There are medical doctors who treat patients for diseases and chronic problems. They are an asset to humanity. Additionally, there are physicians who not only treat people for diseases, but invent products, procedures, and breakthroughs for diseases! For amazing biotechnical solutions, and inventions we credit Carsten Thiel, a biopharmaceutical and a biotechnical giant!

Carsten Thiel was born in Berlin, Germany, however; he wanted to experience the British educational system. He studied at the University of Bristol, in the United Kingdom. He received a degree in organic chemistry. Additionally, he studied at the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, where he earned a PhD in Molecular Biology.

Now, Carsten Thiel has worked for several biopharmaceutical companies and led the way for new and innovative products. Carsten has been at the helm of several new launches of products which benefit mankind. He follows a code of stringent ethics when it comes to launching medical products, and believes in the goodness of employees to carry it out. One of his amazing products in the development of an injection given to children to treat a disease known as hypophosphatasia. This is a genetic degenerative bone disease which begins in utero! Babies born with this disease often have no rib care, and poor bone development! Often, the babies have trouble breathing. His injections help with the terrible symptoms. The patients receive a shot every 3-6 times per week, and that is truly a scientific accomplishment.

Other ingenious and beneficial medical products developed under his leadership are: Strensiq, Prolia, Vectibix, and Neulasta! You may have heard of some of these products advertised on television. As President for Europe in the EUSA Pharma company, he has done an extraordinary job in marketing, leadership, and product development.

Moreover, Mr. Thiel has a busy schedule but he manages to spend time with his board of directors, investors, and most surprisingly with patients who use his medical products. He learns from their input, and it improves his medical knowledge. That is certainly devotion! Yes, Carsten Thiel is a visionary, and his work has benefited thousands of people; he is a person that Hippocrates would have admired!

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Aaron Lupuloff was appointed the new senior executive director at the Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation. The school recently hosted the 10th anniversary of the Gwinnett Sports Hall of Fame in support of the citizens of Gwinnett. The anniversary raised funds to ensure that the Gwinnett County Public Schools earn its top reputation as a world-class school.

The Gwinnett County Public Schools have been supported over the years with academics, diversity, and athleticism among the student body. The school provides enriching programs which have long lasting impressions on the students and the immediate community.

Based on, the foundation was created to bridge the gap that existed between the wealthy and economically disadvantaged students in the county. It has managed to maintain its funding abilities, fundraising during sporting events as one of the crucial methods.

The event saw the induction of Alabama football coach Nick Saban to six new class honorees into the Gwinnett County Public School’s hall of fame. The annual event was graced by inductee David Saville, who hails as an alumnus of Clemson University.

David Saville Down syndrome is a perfect example of the positive impact and community strength that the supportive education foundation bears on the education environment for all learners.

In attendance was Aaron Lupuloff who oversaw the induction of Saville who was an example of the strength of the Gwinnett County Public School Foundation in offering many from its schools with access to financial support needed.

Aaron Lupuloff is a holder of a degree in Business Administration from the University of Alabama. He has had various spells in reputable firms in the financial sector, such as Bear Stearns and JP Morgan. The positions served in different firms include board membership and managing director.

In addition, Lupuloff has worked closely with the president, vice president, and treasurer of the Norcross High School Foundation based in Norcross, Georgia. Through the foundation, Lupuloff has also served as the president, vice president, and treasurer. For more info you canvisit

With the Norcross High School Foundation, it has achieved similar credits compared to the Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation. It has worked in providing funding for various educational opportunities for attendees of the Norcross High School.


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DonataMeirelles is a famous fashion influencer in Brazil. She worked as the style director of making Vogue Brazil, a brand that she developed into a leading fashion magazine in Brazil and other parts of the world.

Outside the fashion industry, Meirelles uses her time and resources supporting not for profit organizations working to prevent or find a cure for HIV/AIDS. She has been supporting the American Foundation for AIDS Research for over one decade.

“I started supporting the American Foundation for AIDS Research eight years ago. I help the organization to raise enough funds to find a cure for HIV,” the Brazilian fashionist told

The American Foundation for AIDS Research focuses on four main areas. First, the non-governmental organization funds independent researchers and research organizations looking for AIDS cure.

Second, the organization has been spreading HIV/AIDS awareness as a way to minimize the spread of the disease. For instance, the organization has been on the frontline of discouraging the sharing of contaminated needles, as well as spreading awareness on the treatment and prevention of HIV.

Third, the American Foundation for AIDS research has been collaborating with various stakeholders to implement policies that prevent the spread of HIV among high-risk groups like men who have sex with men, sex workers, and drug users.

As a supporter of AmfAR, DonataMeirelles funds AmfAR’s Annual Cinema Against AIDS, a fundraiser that unites various public figures who have been on the lead of supporting essential health causes.

During the event, AmfAR auctions high-value vehicles, jewelry, and other valuables donated by celebrities. Furthermore, the not-for-profit organization makes funds from selling exclusive tickets to participants.

In 2014, the American Foundation of AIDS Research honored Donata with the Humanitarian Award, an accolade given to active supporters who have been helping the organization to achieve its goals.

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Carsten Thiel, president of Europe for EUSA Pharma, knows what it is like to market weight loss drugs. He has been successful at it because he has learned from the mistakes of past marketers of these type of drugs. In the past, marketers have been so zealous about selling their products that they have claimed there products are so powerful they work perfectly even with a sedentary life. This is not true. And the many initial users found it out the hard way. These marketers and their companies ended up as failures. Thiel is clear in marketing weight-loss drugs that they work best when they are used in conjunction with exercise.

He also didn’t make any of the other big and unrealistic promises that past weight loss drug marketers have made. He was also careful to get on board just the right stakeholders. When he started this approach to selling weight loss drugs, it was considered very unorthodox. However, it ended up a huge success and has become the norm.

Since that time he has remained a leader who concentrates on the long-term success of a product rather than making the huge promises to begin with to make a lot of money right out of the gate. He is even clear that it is possible the drug may not work at all for some individuals. Thiel is also careful to maintain a stellar management team he knows he can trust to advise him well. In recent months he has led to the launch of drugs for oncology. In marketing brand new drugs, he has often found it best to help educate providers and customers alike.

Thiel freely admits that everything he does often means paying greater upfront costs than the immediate results. However, he has found that thorough preparation always results in greater long-term profits.

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Liu Qiangdong started his own company in China called is an e-commerce company that has made millions of dollars since it was started. Liu Qiangdong is very good at running because he has a savvy attitude, is very flexible, and is willing to do anything that it takes to make sure that he is successful and has a successful business.

Liu Qiangdong was born in China. He was born to parents that were coal-shippers. His parents were very hard workers and this was instilled into his brain at a very young age. Qiangdong went to school and learned a lot that has helped him to become the successful individual that he is today. Liu Qiangdong knew from a very early age that being an entrepreneur is what he wanted to do.

Liu Qiangdong started in hopes of making just a few extra dollars. He never guessed that it would make him such a shining success. It only took Liu Qiangdong around 5 years to take his small investment and turn it into something huge. He started seeing almost immediate success when he got started. He saw huge growth within the business in a short period of time.

Liu Qiangdong helps to run daily operations, knows alot about the technology it takes to build a business, and so much more that helps him to be successful on a daily basis. Qiangdong knows everything that it takes to keep a business going and successful.

Liu Qiangdong cannot wait to see how far this company is going to go. He knows how quickly took off and he knows the potential that he has within the company. Liu Qiangdong has big plans and dreams for the future of He is not going to stop at where they are now. is going to help Liu Qiangdong grow his success.

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Being a successful businesswoman in a male-dominated industry is a challenging journey. Isabel dos Santos, however, worked hard and in a more creative way than her male counterparts did to succeed. She acknowledges her father for raising a competent and strong woman she is today. He always motivated her to be confident in everything she did, and that way, she was able to achieve great things. Her husband has also played a crucial role in supporting her professional career. He is always ready to play significant roles at home when she is away on business trips. She advises parents to create a strong base for their daughters as they raise them.

Isabel dos Santos had a high chance of attending top schools where she received high education. It gave her creative work to do better than anyone else did. It also gave her the inspiration to work hard and serve others. She always encourages and supports people in building their ambitions. Isabel helps parents to actively raise their children and educate them to pursue their dreams. Isabel dos Santos encourages people always to seek existing and unused opportunities to build their ambitions. They should know what to do and the way to do it. Isabel dos says that in African Countries, many remaining resources offer to get starting points. By utilizing these resources, they will be able to get more capital and lead sustainable lives.

To start up and build up a successful business, one should have the right skills, passion, and the motivation to push forward. One should make an efficient budget and strategies that will fit the business operations. In a bid to garner more ideas on business, a person should collaborate with like-minded people. Self-confidence is a character one should possess to achieve great things in store. Isabel dos Santos believes that time will never be enough for anyone. She advises people to make sacrifices and focus on the essential things. They should be able to set priorities that match the expectations of the business. The way one manages their time plays a critical role in successfully operating their ventures. Isabel encourages entrepreneurs to have a sense of social responsibility by giving back to their home countries.



Jeremy Goldstein has garnered great success as a lawyer are a result of his diligent service to the corporate world. Areas that Jeremy Goldstein excels as an attorney include the topic of executive compensation as well as mergers, acquisitions and corporate governance. Over the course of his prestigious career as a lawyer, Jeremy Goldstein has served as legal counsel for some of the most recognized entities in the corporate world. Past clients that Jeremy Goldstein has served as an attorney for include J.P. Morgan Chase and Company, AT&T Corporation, Alltel, Sears and South African Breweries, among many other elite clients from the corporate tier of business. Within this impressive work that he does, Jeremy Goldstein has helped to provide important guidance to Chief Executive Officers as well as governance from a managerial level. He is also notable for his dedication to a number of causes within the realm of philanthropy and has been a staunch advocate for mental health awareness for a number of years now.



The career of Jeremy Goldstein spans many years and he has accumulated a wealth of experience of knowledge during that time period. He also has a prestigious educational background that includes degrees from Cornell and the University of Chicago. His JD in Law was obtained from the School of Law at New York University. Jeremy Goldstein is also highly active with the preeminent legal organization the American Bar Association and he is the founder of his own prestigious law firm that he calls Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates.


Jeremy Goldstein is notable for the unique approach he takes to his clients. The fact is that he has developed strong relationships between himself and his clients and this has served him well. While a lot of attorneys might take a perspective of pure business in regard to the client and legal counsel relationship but Jeremy Goldstein works to build something more personal. He feels that this gives him an advantage in regard to being able to do what is best for the clients he serves. He is also notable for being very selective about what clients he takes on. This is so that he can always give his all to the clients that he does take on.


Jeremy Goldstein sees a bright future ahead for his legal practice as he is always mindful of keeping up with the direction of the legal world. He pays particularly close attention to the constantly evolving situation in the corporate world due to the fact that his clients come from this sphere. Keeping up with the issues that are ongoing in the corporate world also provide Jeremy Goldstein with a challenge that he thoroughly enjoys.


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Bay Area entrepreneur Ara Chackerian is the founder of ASC Capital Holdings, an investment firm that invests in healthcare companies. He started this company in 2007, six years after earning a business administration degree at Florida State University.

The healthcare companies he starts through ASC Capital Holdings use technology to treat people. One example of this is TMS Health Solutions which uses transcranial magnetic stimulation to help people with therapy-resistant depression.

Ara Chackerian is also an environmentalist. One way in which he helps the environment is his tree farm in Nicaragua, Limonapa Teak. Only environmentally-friendly practices are used at this farm. The way this farm operates it actually helps the environment rather than harming it. Another benefit is that it employees hundreds of people in a local rural community providing much needed well-paying jobs.

On his blog, he wrote about another environmental cause which is reforestation. Human-caused climate change is already impacting communities around the world. Cities are flooding and there are not just more forest fires, droughts, and hurricanes but they are also increasing in intensity. If things continue as they have since the industrial revolution than the Earth will be 3.4 Celcius warmer in 2100. That is a huge disaster in the making which makes climate change a global emergency that must be addressed.

An answer to this problem is that millions of trees need to be planted. Trees suck CO2 out of the air and sequesters it. Trees are the Earth’s air filter in effect. There are many other advantages to planting trees, Ara Chackerian points out. Planting trees will reduce food insecurity and lead to less poverty. Trees are also critical for wildlife, many of which have populations in decline. Trees are a very important part of a sustainable and healthy ecosystem and provide biodiversity. They are also needed for the production of food.Find out more about Ara Chackerian:

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