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Allscripts and Nanthealth are now at the top of the list for Cancer Treatment Centers of America as they launch their new system, Clinical Pathways. This custom oncology platform, put together with the input of some of the top oncologists is now helping more doctors plan with their patients for the future. Data collected from other oncologists regarding treatment and patient outcomes is helping to pave the way for the future of cancer treatment. This data rich platform gives oncologists an edge in hopes that they can give their patients better options, and those that are more likely to give them the results they desire.

Clinical Pathways integrates eviti and Allscripts Sunrise, which is a clinical support decision platform. Clinical workflows, essentially those that produce medical records, is designed to help provide information without interrupting the process for doctors and patients. The cancer care data, that inside the NantOS, or operating system is essential to eliminating the guesswork that patients often face. New data and oncology research is always cropping up, but more than that, this data is essential for making more informed decisions early on in the process, resulting in a better outcome for the patient and the doctor.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has a unique approach to treating cancer, including integrating conventional medicine, holistic medicine, and the spiritual man for a plan that will treat the whole person. The latest cancer research is a critical for every decision that CTCA makes when working with doctors and patients with a more evidence-based approach. CTCA is now using a treatment known as precision-focused treatment, and they are offering a clinical trial to patients that are interested. CTCA currently has hospitals located in five major cities across the country, and offers a hotline around the clock to answer questions.

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For an extended period buying a lip balm was a daunting task for many individuals. One had to visit several cosmetic, wholesale, and retail stores to get a lip balm which most of the times did not meet their requirements. If they wanted to change the taste of what they are applying on their lip, the only flavors available were cherry and mint flavors. Thanks to EOS who noticed the struggle women were facing and decided to establish the product to provide a broad range of lip products.

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Evolution of Smooth (EOS) was created some eight years ago with a primary purpose of offering the women a different taste and feeling of lip balm and flavors. The lip products entered the market with a boom, and within a short period, the lip balm was on stores shelves starting with Walgreens, Walmart to Target. Follow EOS on their page.  The products were very much appreciated by celebrities in the United States, and some of them were spotted using the EOS products in public including Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, and Christina Aguilera. The company was founded by Jonathan Teller, Graig Dubitsky, and Sanjiv Mehra who is the managing partner.

Evolution of Smooth has a variety of products on the shelves. Their lip products are well packed with antioxidant-rich with Vitamin E, jojoba oil, and soothing shea butter. The lip balms also comes with a variety of flavors including

  • Smooth sphere Passionfruit
  • Smooth Sphere Raspberry
  • Smooth Sphere Coconut milk
  • Smooth Sphere Blueberry

The products are manufactured to moisturize the users’ lips, enhance their smiles as they give them a gorgeous feeling. The packages of the lip products are meant to last for a period of time, and they are very attractive. Check EOS products on The Evolution of Smooth products are reliable and affordable to any woman in the world. The organization has made the products available in most of the stores in the nation and they do shipment to other countries.  Interesting article here.

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Anthony Petrello joined the administrative team of Nabors Industries in 1991 as the President and COO. The same year, Petrello was picked to join the board of directors as well as the executive committee of the board. Anthony was appointed the deputy chairman in 2003. He assumed a higher role of the chief executive officer in 2011 and was named the Chairman of the board and executive committee in 2012. His role at Nabors includes playing a part in the strategic plan development as well as overseeing its implementation. Petrello is also responsible for the company’s overall operations and profitability. His primary role is to steer Nabors Industries up so as to have a competitive edge in the oil and gas industry.

A Mathematics Genius

Anthony Petrello was a genius in mathematics as described by his college freshman roommate, Lloyd Grove, in the Beast magazine. He would spend his time jotting down arcane theorem proofs on greasy napkins. At 18 years of age, his understanding of the subject was at the highest level since he was mentored by a renowned mathematician, Professor Serge Lang. It was surprising that he opted to pursue a course in law rather than mathematics. Despite being in school on a public education scholarship, Anthony was funny and witty.

Highest Paid

Anthony Petrello is one of the top most paid CEO in the United States. His name has been on top of the list for multiple years. In 2014, Nabors Industries made some strategic changes and directed some funds to the shareholders.

Rick Smith serves as the chief executive officer of a private company known as Securus Technologies. Smith acquired this position in the year 2008, and he has worked hard to bring positive changes in the corrections department. Many people say that Rick is the best person for the job because he is focused, experienced and hard working. Since his appointment to the position, Smith has driven the changes needed by inmates and professionals operating in the correction centers. The undisputed leader has introduced several products and services in the past, making communication in the prisons easier.

Rick Smith has a perfect background. He is believed to have worked with some of the leading companies in the United States, acquiring the expertise he has today. His unique skills and track record played a fundamental role in his appointment to the top position. In the past, Smith worked in operations, finance, business development, information technology, telecommunication and several other departments. Smith has also been a leader in several institutions.

Securus is a private establishment that is based in Dallas, Texas. The company has been led by Smith to offer clients a variety of products and services. At the moment, the firm serves at least one thousand inmates in over three thousand correctional center and other safety agencies in the United States. The company is committed to offering the corrections community with communication and technology solutions. The company, under the leadership of Rick Smith, has managed to provide emergency response, incident management, investigations, biometric analysis, monitoring, communication and inmate self-service products.


Rick Smith’s educational background has played a fundamental part in his successful career. Smith went for his associate degree at a university known as Rochester Institute of Technology. Smith also acquired a bachelor’s degree in engineering from the prestigious State University based in New York City. After working for several companies, the businessman returned to school to acquire his MBA from the University of Rochester.

After completing his education in the year 1972, Smith joined Global Crossing North America where he held several positions. Some of these roles included chief information officer and financial controller. He once worked at the Frontier Information Technologies as the president too. At Midwest Telephone Operations, Rick Smith was serving as the vice president. The expertise he acquired in these positions has played a primary role in his appointment to become the chief executive officer at Securus Technologies.

In January 2009, Rick Smith was given the position of chairman at Securus Technologies due to his dedication. As the chairman and president of the company, Smith has worked hard to ensure that his greatest competitors, GTL do not challenge his company. The businessman has incorporated the latest technology in his company so that his firm achieves its objectives. Read more articles at

End Citizens United are firm supporters of Archie Parnell’s bid to run for Congress. Archie is huge fan-favourite, having won the preliminary nomination in his native South Carolina by a massive 70%. Tiffany Muller, the chief at End Citizens United, said that his group endorsed Archie due to his enormous popularity among the voters. Muller also added that once Parnell is in Congress, he will advocate for the eradication of uninhibited funds in electoral campaigns, as well as voice the common grievances of the people he represents.


Archie could not conceal his enthusiasm after the endorsement by the political activist group. He reiterated End Citizens United’s mission, which is to abolish the uncontrolled pumping of money into the political fray. Parnell further stated that politicians had been sycophants of the wealthy aristocrats who want to serve their personal interests for long. He concluded by pledging his allegiance to the people of South Carolina, and stressing that he will be an independent entity once elected.


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Raising Money For The Cause


End Citizens United was established to fight the injection of dirty money into the political landscape. As required of any activism camping, the group has made significant steps towards achieving its mission by raising massive amounts of money on their own. So far, the group has accrued a massive $4 million, which is expected to rise to $35 million by next year, just before the Congress elections take place. This is a significant improvement on the funds raised by the Pac in last year’s presidential election.


Additionally, the number of supporters of the group’s cause also went up by a substantial proportion. The mean contribution by each was well over ten dollars, according to Tiffany Muller, the organization’s director. Tiffany added that the donors were people aggrieved by the situation in the political arena, and they felt that funding the cause was the most appropriate way of airing their concerns.


The group sources its appellation from a verdict delivered by the Supreme Court in 2010. The ruling was for Citizens United, an activist group that vouched for the extensive involvement of the affluent individuals and corporates institutions in the funding of political campaigns. Like other PACs, End Citizens United can only receive specified maximum donation from a person, a figure they have set at $5,000.


Their approach to championing for their cause has been met by a fair amount of criticism, with faultfinders questioning how the collect cash, however, this has not hindered the group. In fact, it has bolstered its position on the ground. The group has wooed politicians who were benefactors of dirty money in their campaigns to their side, as in the case of Betsy DeVos. In this scenario, they convinced Republicans to vote against Betsy, who was Trump’s nominee for education secretary. The vote went to the penultimate round, with VP’s vote breaking the tie.



When a high-quality vehicle that not only provides the driver and passengers with comfort but also performance, value and style is preferred, most drivers tend to go with a BMW. Buying a certified BMW, or a used BMW, will give the owner all of the same benefits that are associated with with any BMW purchase. There are also some perks associated with only purchasing used. When choosing a certified BMW, the driver will get a vehicle that is in top condition that still has an incredible warranty as well as roadside assistance.

When looking for a used BMW, check out Beverly Hills Auto Group. They are devoted to helping their customers as well as serving them the best way they can. Their cars offer the highest quality and they are ideal for the everyday life needs of their customers. The inventory that is held at Beverly Hills Auto Group is hand selected to allow the specialization in unique models that hold special options.

JeanMarie Guenot is the president of Amphivena Therapeutics Inc, located in San Francisco. The company specializes in the development of cancer treatment immune therapies. She has over 20 years experience as a business administrator, which makes her a great leader. She has served in both the public and the private sector. She deals with venture capital, project management, commercial development, and pharmaceuticals R&D. Through Guenot LLC, she offers consultation services such as licensing, acquisitions, project management, commercial planning, mergers, alliance, and finance management to both pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

Guenot specializes in X-ray, semi-empirical and mechanical methods, and drug design. She trained in medicinal and physical chemistry dealing with protein structure, refinement, and NMR. JeanMarie Guenot holds a Ph.D. from the University of California and an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania.

She started her scientific career at Hoffmann-La Roche working as the principal scientist in preclinical R&D. At the firm, she developed drugs for inflammation, autoimmune diseases, metabolic diseases, and oncology.

The business career started at Atlas Ventures as a manager of venture capital investments. She created the life of science companies while in the field. Before becoming the president of Amphivena Therapeutics, she served in different roles on LinkedIn. JeanMarie served as the vice president of business and corporate development at PDL BioPharma where she facilitated licensing, acquisitions, mergers and alliance management of commercial product portfolios.

In addition, Jeanmarie Guenot championed the PDL and Hoffmann-La Roche deal. The deal involved a 50:50 collaboration in commercialization and development of their drugs. For her efforts, she was awarded BioBusiness Network Innovative Bio-Partnering Award in 2005. She also received a Deal of Distinction from Licensing Executive Society in 2006.

JeanMarie Guenot is an experienced leader and manager of large companies. It is through her hard work and professional skills that she achieved success. JeanMarie conducts her duties with integrity, and she has made significant contributions to the success of Amphivena Therapeutics.

Amphivena Therapeutics was founded in 2012. In 2015, the company raised $9.7 million and had a committed and hardworking staff. The main aim of the company is to eradicate blood cancers by harnessing autoimmune system to destroy the tumor cells.

Read more: Maverick Therapeutics and Takeda Announce Five-year Collaboration to Advance T-Cell Engagement Therapies

Why settle for subpar wedding photographer when the best in town is already affordable. They are currently offering $500 off their wedding video and photo packages.

The team works much like a Hollywood video shoot to make your wedding look out of this world. Every girl deserves to capture her special day in a way that will be presentable to their future kids and grandchildren.

The New York City metro area is highly competitive when it comes to the selection of photographers. Amazingly, George Street Photo & Video had been rated the highest over the rest. With over 1,500 reviews from The Knot, they have 4.5 stars out of 10. The editors of The Knot also have given their personal recommendation to use their services.

So what are you waiting for? You may contact their team so that they may assess your video and photography needs. If you don’t have a theme in mind, you may take their survey to see what is right for you.

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When it comes to flavoured lip balm, let’s be honest. You have tons of choices, but unfortunately, not every brand is the same in healthy, natural ingredients. Once you swipe on an EOS lip balm, you will taste, smell and feel the distinct difference.

We all need to wear lip balm daily at every age, woman or man. Balm plays a key role in maintaining healthy, soft, hydrated lips. The lip tissue is generally very thin and delicate without the protective melanin or oil glands to keep chapping and other issues away. A decent lip balm will keep the suppleness there and help avoid dryness, blisters, cracks and other common lip annoyances.

EOS lip balm not only creates incredible organic formulas but those in a large variety of yummy flavours.

Two favourites include the Blueberry Acai Smooth Sphere lip balm, featuring a 95% organic, 100% natural and paraben and petrolatum free base. It’s packed with vitamin E, shea butter, jojoba oil and other nourishing elements to deliver moist, soft lips all day long.  Check on for details.

The flavour is just like a big, juicy blueberry muffin and quite obsessive to own.

Another fab EOS lip balm is their Passion Fruit Smooth Sphere lip balm. Applying this balm is like treating your senses to a bowl of tantalizing fruit. It’s juicy, and the balm glides on smoothly. Of course, EOS invented that clever ball of balm and gave the world a new way to apply lip balm precisely, smoothly and reach every millimetre of your upper and bottom lips.  Follow EOS here.

Naturally flavoured is a great thing, and EOS prides itself on delivering the most exotic and unforgettable flavours around.  Try clicking for the availability of the products.

It’s one thing to enjoy a deliciously-flavoured balm, but as importantly is the balm’s composition. A lip balm 95% organic is as good as it gets.  Get it here on

For further info, visit

The Evolution of Smooth was launched nearly a decade ago and has quickly become one of the best selling lip care products in the nation. Selling over a million units per week, veteran lip balms such as Chapstick and Blistex have officially been outdone.

The signature spheres have been spotted in countless beauty magazines and in the hands of Hollywood”s most elite celebrities, such as Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus. The company is currently worth a staggering $250 million. However, the journey to success was not an overnight process.

EOS founders Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller recall countless obstacles they had to overcome before their product could even be placed on a store shelf. For needed info, click on

Mehra and Teller identified a prime opportunity in the lip care market. They felt as though conventional lip balm brands lacked excitement and were too focused on creating cheap sticks of petroleum jelly. The EOS lip balm founders invested in research and discovered women were the prime consumers of lip balms and mainly used them as part of their beauty regimen. They also discovered that they did not enjoy applying lip balm.  For more of EOS, visit EOS on their page.

With this information, the businessmen set out to create a product that was pleasing to all 5 senses and, of course, appealed to women. They hired a professional clay artist to assist with creating the spherical shape. They also invested in their also manufacturing equipment to start the product development.

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Initially store buyers from major retailers rejected the product and stated that consumers would more likely stick to conventional brands. However, as fate would have it, the men were lucky enough to score a meeting with a female buyer from Walgreens that loved the EOS products and decided to sign a deal with them. EOS can now be found at Walgreens, Walmart, Target and other major retailers all over the world.

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