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I Won’t Relent In My Relationship With The U.S, Says DAMAC DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani

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DAMAC Properties, a Dubai-based real estate, engineering, and architecture company CEO Hussain Sajwani once said the words of our title today. Although these words were likely said after the U.S had made a decision to elect a former business tycoon and friend, Hussain Sajwani seemed not to relent on the relationship. He said that he…

Boraie Development: Developing New Jersey Real Estate For 40 Years

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New Jersey is now at the real estate crisis in the United States’ epicenter. A Philly Purge article pointed out that when it comes to states with foreclosures and extremely delinquent mortgages, New Jersey record is among the worst. What’s befuddling is lots of new houses are being built and sold, few older homes are…

A Sneak Preview On The Real Estate Industry

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Despite a U.S sales stagnation during the winter season, Ohio’s housing marked its busiest years from December 2005. Sales rose by 8% in Northeast Ohio based on data tied to formerly owned and newly built residences. According to the statewide trade group’s president and Pete Kopf, a Cincinnati-area Realtor, it was an outstanding year for…

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