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FreedomPop Expansion Funding

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FreedomPop has gotten even more funding for its expansion. There are many new international markets that it is looking at for the goal. As of right now, a new global hotspot was launched by FreedomPop. This network is called SIM, which takes all of the networks i the world and puts them together for a…

FreedomPop Offering International Services at a Discount

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For anyone who has done any kind of international traveling before, they know just how difficult it is to communicate with friends and family back home. It is expensive and the service isn’t always great. Upon returning home, they find their mobile phone bill is out of this world and possibly even more expensive than…

FreedomPop Reveals a Fantastic New Deal

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A new deal is being offered by the fast growing mobile phone service FreedomPop. This provider of free service is launching a special deal with Motorola phones. Per Android Authority, anyone who buys a Moto E (2nd gen) for a mere $49.99 is to receive 100% free service. What is FreedomPop? Why is it getting…

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