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JD.Com Brings the Future of Shopping to CES

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As big name brands and retailers show up at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Eureka Park, Las Vegas, they’ll be accompanied by a newcomer that’s been making waves on the other side of the world. Chinese retailer is making debut at CES 2019 to show off their command over logistics and robust…

Adam Milstein Generosity Is an Eye Opener to Many Investors

Posted by in Business, Entrepreneur, Founder, Human Rights Leaders, Israeli, Leaders

Not many businessmen are able to multitask and foresee the success of their venture while undertaking other roles in the community. Adam has overcome this myth and has been able to excel not only as a real estate investor but also has an active philanthropist and community leader. It is not easy to achieve such…

Mike Bagguley, COO of Barclays Capital

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The former head of macro products Mike Bagguley has been promoted by Barclays to be the Chief Operation Officer for the investment bank. Mike comes in to replace Justin Bull. Mike Bagguley will start working immediately in his new role. Bagguley will directly report to Tom King, the chief of the investment bank. His central…

Adam Milstein – Premier Philanthropist of 2017

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Throughout the Gila and Adam Milstein Family Foundation Grants are distributed to several organizations. This includes groups on campuses which fortify their fiery passion for advocacy. They dedicate resources to teaching students to fight against hate groups through rallies and protests, they encourage free speech, and increase awareness of intolerance. Adam Milstein also operates fellowship…

Rick Smith: Transforming The Corrections Industry

Posted by in Business, Leaders, Securus

Rick Smith serves as the chief executive officer of a private company known as Securus Technologies. Smith acquired this position in the year 2008, and he has worked hard to bring positive changes in the corrections department. Many people say that Rick is the best person for the job because he is focused, experienced and…

InnovaCare is One of the Top Healthcare Companies in North America

Posted by in Health, Leaders

One of the top healthcare companies in North America is InnovaCare Health, This company is a leader in providing healthcare with the use of Medicare Advantage Plans as well as physician practice services. The company has been led by former physician and chief executive officer Richard Shinto as well as the chief administrative officer Penelope…

Fabletics Becoming Even More Fabulous

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According to Elite Daily writer Emily Arata, Kate Hudson’s fabulous athletic line, Fabletics, is launching affordable swimwear in a range of sizes. The new line is not only beautiful, but it is made from recycled fabrics, making it an environmentally friendly option. In the article, it is also mentioned that JustFab, the online clothing retailer,…

What You May Want to Know About Ricardo GuimarĂ£es And BMG

Posted by in Business Practices, Interesting Stories, Investment Business, Leaders

  There are many challenges that happen in the business world that have changed the way people handle challenges. Business is an area that is current and requires someone with a mind that can quickly learn about changes that often happen. These changes shape many things including the way people do business and should not…

Small But Fierce, Yeon-mi Park is a Mighty Force for Change

Posted by in Leaders

In November 2014, the UN released a report detailing a host of unspeakable crimes against humanity committed by the North Korean government. The crimes detailed included such atrocities as infanticide, forced labor, torture, rape and execution – most of which were committed in North Korea’s political prison camp system. The report recommended that North Korea…

Connecting Success with Business: The Missing Key

Posted by in Balance and Life, Leaders, Overseas

The road to success is sometimes long and daunting. Individuals seeking to obtain a level of success have taken 20 years or more to attain their goals. But one thing that is rarely talked about is the spiritual connection between success and business. It’s not a surprise that it’s not talked about more. When the…

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