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The Headquarters of OSI Group

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Earlier this year, OSI Group acquired Rose Packing Co, Inc. Rose Packing is among the top pork producers and distributors to retail locations all across the country. It maintains its headquarters in Barrington, Illinois with a 700-employee production facility in Chicago. Leading this particular transaction on behalf of OSI was Kevin Scott, senior executive vice…

OSI Food Solutions Continues its Worldwide Expansion

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OSI Food Solutions is a large distributor and supplier of food related products to restaurants and food retailers. Over the last several years, the company has actively participated in frequent expansion. Today, the company has 65 facilities all over the world. OSI Food Solutions has a number of facilities in 17 countries along with over…

OSI Food Solutions Offers Customized Options to Its Customers Around the World

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OSI Food Solutions is a privately held American company which over the past four decades has grown into one of the world’s biggest processed food suppliers. They have more than 65 food processing plants located in 17 nations. They provide both restaurant chains and retail brands with the ability to tap into a worldwide supply…

The Journey of McDonalds with the OSI Group

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The OSI Group is known for its word class services in food processing and development. They have been part of our world for decades, and the most famous fast food restaurants that are notable today such as McDonalds knows how reliable and efficient the company is. People across the globe nowadays are normally conscious and…

David McDonald Talks About the Success of the OSI Group in China

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The OSI Group is a leading premier global food provider that has been partnering with several top international brands. David McDonald is the current (CEO) Chief Executive Officer at OSI. In his three years at the company, McDonald has been instrumental in the firm’s growth. Since its inception, OSI’s vision remains the same, and its…

OSI Group McDonalds, The Revolution

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OSI Group is a company that was formed in 1909 as a meat processing company. OSI Group has grown and become one of the best and top food processing companies in the world. It has incorporated other food products such as hot-dogs, sausages, and pastries into its company because of the changing demands from its…

The influence of Sheldon Lavin at OSI Group

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It is very rare to find a CEO who is as concerned by his employees’ welfare as he is concerned by his business. However, Sheldon Lavin, CEO of OSI Group is not the typical resolute and grave boss; Lavin is cut from a different cloth and his affability inspires the family spirit at OSI Group….

OSI Group- Its Origin And Growth

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OSI Group is the biggest food company in the world. It is also one of the biggest businesses in the United States. Forbes ranks it at number #58 out of the top 100 private businesses in the country. The company is currently operating in 17 countries. On top of that, they have built 65 production…

How Has OSI Group Leveraged Innovation to Emerge As a World Leader in Meat Distribution?

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OSI group opened its doors to the public over a century ago as an immigrant-run family business in downtown Chicago. Having started as a butcher shop, the meat processing and distribution business has evolved over the years into one of the largest meat companies in the world. It has survived a series of challenges threatening…

OSI Food Solutions is taking on the World of Food Service with Great Success

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OSI Food Group has grown, in part, through expansion by acquiring other food provider and food service entities. The greater part of their success can be attributed to excellence in products and service, as well as acquiring entities that compliment their current brand. A most complimentary acquisition of late was Baho Food. The company focuses…

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