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Donata Meirelles’ Arts of Philanthropy

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In the fashion industry, players must keep their eyes and ears open to see new trends and hear new ideas. Donata Meirelles is a renowned fashion consultant in Brazil. She is popular for her contributions in the fashion industry. She served as the former style director of Vogue Brazil. Prior to fashion, she is a…

Why Fabletics Is The Brand To Choose

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Fabletics is by far one of the best brands for those of you looking to find women’s clothing that fit what you’re trying to accomplish. If you want to find the right Yoga pants or the best clothes for your gym workouts, then they can give every possible choice in their list of options. You…

The Different Problems in the Fashion Industry and the Fabletics Solution

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People who are very fashion forward or focused on fashion in other ways know that there are plenty of issues in the industry. One of the major issues in the industry is cost. This is a major factor in that many of the best looking pieces of fashion are priced way out of affordable range….

EOS: From A Start-up To A Household Name

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In her Fast Company published article, Elizabeth Segran takes us through the journey of EOS, from being a start-up company and to date, being one of the world’s renowned lip balm companies. The company entered a saturated market that had already established the bigwigs, and still, didn’t give up. The leaders knew what they wanted…

How Fabletics is a lot like Amazon

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Fabletics can be likened to several companies. It is a lot like Amazon, Warby Parker, and Apple mainly because of the company‚Äôs business model. Fabletics has a strategy and position that is paying off. The company has been opening physical stores throughout the year. Currently, there are approximately sixteen stores open in places different locations….

WEN by Chaz Cleansing Conditioner Produces Amazing Results As Verified By Salon Professional

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WEN by Chaz is a popular hair care line designed to accommodate the needs of all hair types. Emily McClure of decided to put the Wen Hair Cleansing Conditioner product to the test by trying it out on her own hair. Her experiment lasted seven days while she tested its abilities in a variety…

JustFab Launches Plus Size Line

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The Curvy Fashionista just published an article on JustFab and the online fashion retailer’s announcement of its new plus size collection. The new line is going to be called JustFab Plus and will feature the same high quality and affordable prices of JustFab’s other fashion lines, which include jewelry, handbags, shoes and denim. Right now,…

Fabletics Becoming Even More Fabulous

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According to Elite Daily writer Emily Arata, Kate Hudson’s fabulous athletic line, Fabletics, is launching affordable swimwear in a range of sizes. The new line is not only beautiful, but it is made from recycled fabrics, making it an environmentally friendly option. In the article, it is also mentioned that JustFab, the online clothing retailer,…

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