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How Serge Belamant Created Cryptocurrency Technology

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Serge Belamant is arguably one of the most unrecognized names in the technology and finance industries, despite having quite a large impact on both. Belamant’s career started with a certain amount of uncertainty, as he changed his major in university on several occasions; his studies first began in engineering, before he switched to applied mathematics…

Economist Ted Bauman Explains Why Amazon Is No Monopoly

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The king of the tech industry used to be Steve Jobs. When he died in 2011, he was replaced in this leadership role by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos. Ted Bauman, an economist, recently wrote that Amazon has been hugely successfully under Bezos’ leadership. The one thing that people have wrong about Amazon, though, is that it…

Creative and Multiple Achievements of Finance Computer Expert Serge Belamant

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An expert in technological industries Serge Belamant is a French native born and raised in France but later on moving and residing in South Africa considering his father’s nature of work. He is a patent holder of block chain technologies, an industry based on financial technologies. Currently, he works as a board of advisors in…

Understanding the power of performance through Edwin Miranda

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Edwin Miranda is the founder and chief executive officer of KOI IXS. He started the age of 21. It has since grown to become a leader in the marketing industry. Miranda attributes the expansion and success in hiring a talented team of strategists, designers, creatives, and marketing geniuses. While advising entrepreneurs, he says that it…

Guilherme Paulus’s Success as an Entrepreneur

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Guilherme Paulus is a successful businessman and entrepreneur in Brazil. He was born in Sao Paulo in 1949. Guilherme Paulus is a visionary man and his vision to see himself as a successful businessman was nurtured when he was a young man. He went to university and studied Business Administration. At the age of 20,…

Louis Chenevert’s Employee Engagement Techniques

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Employees play a very important role in the company. They can necessitate progress and success or make you fail miserably. Louis Chenevert is a CEO who appreciates the need to invest in your employees. People often discuss new strategies and technology when they seek to improve a certain product or service in the company. However,…

Bhanu Choudhrie: One of UK and India’s Successful Businessman

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Bhanu Choudhrie is the Indian billionaire of the Middle East who currently plans on expanding his businesses. He is currently the Director of C&C Alpha Group which he founded last 2002 and currently serves as a company for a group of private and inclusive investors worldwide who have been in the venture of capital funding…

The Accomplishments of James Dondero

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James Dondero is the President, CEO, and chairman of the board of directors of Highland Acquisition Corporation. He graduated with a B.S. from the University of Virginia McIntyre school of commerce. He has been with several other organizations including in NexPoint Capital as the President, CEO of Highland Floating Rate Limited Liability Company and at…

Things to know about Bhanu Choudhrie

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Bhanu Choudhrie has achieved a lot of success in his career. He is the founder and chief executive officer of the famous C&C Alpha Group. He moved to the United Kingdom in 2000, and he quickly adopted the way of life of people in the country. The passion for business that the duo had led…

Nick Vertucci Helps People Achieve Financial Freedom Through Real Estate Investing

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Nick Vertucci was a successful entrepreneur selling computer accessories until the dot com crash hit in the late 1990s. He lost his million-dollar business and found himself wondering how he was going to support his wife and three children. Nick Vertucci was running out of options when he attended a real estate seminar with a…

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