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OSI Food Solutions Is Growing With Purchase Of Rose Packing

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Rose Packing has been a big name in the Chicago food production industry for 5 generations and it was recently announced that OSI Food Solutions had finalized the purchase of the company in order to bring it to their vast portfolio of companies based around the business world. Rose Packing process mostly products related to…

A Possible Array Of Investing Fundamentals for Bhanu Choudhrie

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Bhanu Choudhrie is an investor in a lot of assets. As such, it would be interesting to see the type of investments that Bhanu Choudhrie would hold and the one’s that he may divest.Bhanu Choudhrie realizes that investing is easy but he also knows that it can be simple, one just has to have all…

Richard Liu- Building the largest e-commerce business

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Richard Liu is the founder and CEO of, the largest retailer in China. This company has been around for about 15 years. It was formed in 2004, although Richard Liu went into business in 1998. After completing his studies in sociology from the People’s University of China, he was employed by Japanese Life, a…

Isabel dos Santos Has A Great Deal Of Interest In The Recent Board Elections At Nos:

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The eighth of May, 2019 saw a major round of elections at Nos in regard to its executive committee. Current members of Nos’s Board of Directors that are expected to continue on are Ana Paula Marques, Jose Pedro Pereira da Costa, Miguel Almeida along with Luis Moutinho and Jorge Graca. Decisions will be made in…

Steve Lesnard Provides Insight on Marketing Products Digitally

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Marketing expert Steve Lesnard has revealed the secrets to successful marketing in the digital age. Since many companies have used digital marketing to promote their products and services, it is important that they continue using this method to bring in more customers. One of the best ways to promote products digitally is to focus on…

Louis Chenevert’s Employee Engagement Techniques

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Employees play a very important role in the company. They can necessitate progress and success or make you fail miserably. Louis Chenevert is a CEO who appreciates the need to invest in your employees. People often discuss new strategies and technology when they seek to improve a certain product or service in the company. However,…

Organo Gold – Breaking the Limits of Coffee Culture

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Coffee culture has evolved rapidly over the past few years. Originally nothing more than a favored breakfast drink from its inception back during the 1800s, this was the case for nearly a century. However, in the later part of the 20th century, people began to focus on how coffee could be more than just a… sends a first government-approved drone to Indonesia

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One of the things that hinder technology from making its full impact on businesses is the legal restriction. Some governments will not approve specific techniques because they do not believe in their operations. One of them is the use of drones in delivering parcels. Many governments have been skeptical when it comes to the use…

Steve Ritchie and Papa Johns

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Papa John’s was spiraling in a downhill whirlwind when Steve Ritchie stepped up as CEO. He had a lot of work to do. Having a spiraling company on your hands as a new CEO is terrifying. How are you going to bring the company back from this hole? Is it going to work? Steve Ritchie…

A Party Like No Other: Big Pimping Juan “OG” Perez

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For many, the President’s Day Weekend (February 2018) was a typical weekend. As guys went about their usual routines, one man made headlines. Up to that day, Juan ‘OG’ Perez was an unknown Roc Nation executive. Roc Nation is Jay-Z’s company, and OG Juan is a close friend of the Carter family.The President’s Day Weekend…

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