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iFunding Boss Named as Member of Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders

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William Skelley has been appointed as the member of the entirely ‘Next Generation of real Estate leaders’. His naming followed the extensive experience in crowdfunded project in real estate that paves the way for identifying investment opportunities by applying the structure of disruptive innovation. He was requested to feature in a dinner organized by Michael…

Solo Capital Sanjay Shah

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Solo Capital started in September 2011 and was founded by Sanjay Shah. It is a proprietary trading and consulting firm that also specializes in professional sports consulting. It operates primarily out of London, but has offices in Dubai as well. There are approximately 39 offices surrounding the areas, but the headquarters are in London. The…

Sam Tabar Supports Investments in Africa

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Africa is home to millions of people. Many Africans face serious challenges each day including lack of access to nutritious food, safe water and good medical care. Attorney and investment professional understands this problem and wants to do his best to help. This is one of many reasons why Tabar has been involved in efforts…

Steelers Launch New Fashion Line for Fans

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Not only did the Pittsburgh Steelers approach the 2015 season with hopes of contending for an AFC title, they presented their fans with an innovative new line of fashion on the newly created website . With Susan McGalla at the helm as the new Director of Strategic Planning and Growth, Steeler fans are sure to…

Kyle Bass: Beyond Hedge Funds

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In 2008, Kyle Bass successfully predicted the sub-prime lending crisis that eventually led to an economic downturn which has proven historic. This prediction put him on the financial world stage and got him his own Wikipedia page, and the Argentine hedge-fund manager has since become an authority of sorts on financial matters. There are many…

Brad Reifler Helps Level Playing Field For Middle Investors

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When one thinks of the world of high finance, it is common to assume that high yield investing is a privilege reserved for those whose wealth places them in the top one percent. Innovative entrepreneur Brad Reifler, through his company Forefront Income Trust, helps those in the middle investor range category enjoy the same opportunities…

How Different Leadership Can Lead to Differences in Makeup

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Any given woman will probably have given quite a bit of thought to her makeup. This is as true for what she has on at any given time as it is for what types she has at home. But there’s one very important aspect to the process which people tend to forget about. There’s an…

Bruce Levenson – Businessman, benefactor, and former NBA team co-owner

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Bruce Levenson is a name you may have heard before. He has his foot in the door in many aspects of the business world, sports world, and he is a benefactor in many community organizations. Some may know him best as the former co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks LLC, but there is much more to…

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