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Know Your Hair Type

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Certainly, it is important to know your hair type in order to provide the right type of hair care that keeps your hair healthy and strong. According toWikipedia, generally, if you have a dry scalp, you also have dry hair. Those with an oily scalp tend to have oily hair. Of course, other factors weigh…

How To Choose A Good Hair Conditioner

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If you haven’t heard about Wen hair by Chaz you need to check them out. When I first heard about Wen by Chaz, I didn’t check it out right away. I thought it was just like any other hair products brand out there but I was wrong. After several months of seeing their commercial and…

Wen by Chaz Stands Out

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With so many different hair care products in the market these days, it can be hard to keep all of them straight. Even though Wen hair by Chaz cleansing conditioner is unlike any other hair care product you could find, it still has not made its way into everyone’s shower. One of the newest fans…

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