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A Leader in the Future of Accounting and auditing

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Dabie Tsai is a skilled powerhouse in the field of international accounting and auditing. She is also a dynamic force for women and minorities in the business of accounting and auditing. Dabie Tsai worked for 23 years with KPMG, 11 as a partner. Tsai is a firm believer in helping others reach their full potential….

Attorney Rick Cofer, Austin Texas.

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Rick Cofer is an experienced attorney in matters dealing with crime. These include drunk driving, drug possession, sexual assault, robbery, murder and family violence. Rick Cofer is an active member of the Austin community. He has served in different non-profit and also government posts. Rick Cofer, Plastic bag ban. In the summer of 2018, residents…

Why Should People Carry Around Evolution Of Smooth?

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Carrying around Evolution of Smooth is the choice that a lot of people to make because they have to take care of their lips every day. This is very important for people who do things like play instruments, work as actors or even talk all day long. They are putting their lips through the ringer…

Yeonmi Park Rises to Occasion, Releases New Book.

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North Korea has become something of a caricature in the world of modern global politics. The country is uniquely recognized across the planet as one of the most oppressive, critical, and dangerous regimes that there is. The people of North Korea are bludgeoned into acceptance and forced to live the lie their dictator forces upon…

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