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Shafik Sachedina Leading a Caregiving Healthcare Company

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Shafik Sachedina is a dental surgeon and a Joint Chairman at the Sussex Healthcare Company. The company is dedicated to providing care to homes and support services that are based in Sussex, South England. He attained his qualifications in dental surgery from the Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School at the University of London. Shafik…

OSI Food Solutions Offers Customized Options to Its Customers Around the World

Posted by in Business, Food Industry

OSI Food Solutions is a privately held American company which over the past four decades has grown into one of the world’s biggest processed food suppliers. They have more than 65 food processing plants located in 17 nations. They provide both restaurant chains and retail brands with the ability to tap into a worldwide supply…

The Accomplishments of James Dondero

Posted by in Businessman

James Dondero is the President, CEO, and chairman of the board of directors of Highland Acquisition Corporation. He graduated with a B.S. from the University of Virginia McIntyre school of commerce. He has been with several other organizations including in NexPoint Capital as the President, CEO of Highland Floating Rate Limited Liability Company and at…

Desiree Perez Receives the Praise She Deserves

Posted by in Businesswoman, COO, Entertainment

Billboard came out with a top 100 list that people might be less familiar with. In it they listed the top 100 women in music for 2017. It focused on the most powerful executives in the music industry. Desiree Perez has earned her place on the list after years of influential work. She joins a…

The Journey of McDonalds with the OSI Group

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The OSI Group is known for its word class services in food processing and development. They have been part of our world for decades, and the most famous fast food restaurants that are notable today such as McDonalds knows how reliable and efficient the company is. People across the globe nowadays are normally conscious and…

David McDonald Talks About the Success of the OSI Group in China

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The OSI Group is a leading premier global food provider that has been partnering with several top international brands. David McDonald is the current (CEO) Chief Executive Officer at OSI. In his three years at the company, McDonald has been instrumental in the firm’s growth. Since its inception, OSI’s vision remains the same, and its…

An insight into Neurocore’s brain training approach to mental health

Posted by in Depression

Today, an increasing number of people suffer from mental and behavioral health challenges around the world. These persons usually find it hard to seek treatment for these health challenges as a result of social stigma and high healthcare cost. In addition to these, the mental and behavioral ailments in themselves can prevent someone from seeking…

The future of Watford Football Club

Posted by in CEO

Gino Pozzo is the owner of the Watford Football Club. His parents were well known for their loyalty to the Udinese club for many years. Gino is known for his excellent management of football clubs. under his control, several small teams have risen the ranks and are competing with the big teams in their home…

Sheldon Lavin’s career at OSI Group

Posted by in Financial advisor, Financial Guru

Sheldon Lavin is the chairman and CEO of OSI Group, the largest food manufacturing company in the world. Under his expertise leadership, this company has grown into one of the top private businesses in the United States. According to the latest statistics from Forbes, OSI Group is estimated to be worth over $6 billion. It…

Richard Liu Qiangdong Road To Success

Posted by in Founder, Online Information

Richard Liu Qiangdong is is the founder and CEO of is is a retail website that has quickly become the biggest retailer in China. Richard Liu started in 2004 with the name coming from joining Richard Liu Qiangdong and his wife’s names together. He first opened a restaurant in Beijing, which ended…

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