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Paul Mampilly, the American investor

Posted by in Business, Profits

Mr. Paul Mampilly is a well-known investor, volunteer, and an investment researcher. He is a Senior Portfolio Manager at Kinetics Asset Management, a company that specializes in hedge funds, mutual funds, and investment accounts. He started his investment career as an Accounts Assistant at Chatham Street Management company. He climbed his professional ladder having served…

Get Rich Moisture With EOS Lip Balm Products

Posted by in Fashion & Beauty

Soft lips deserve the maximum protection against dry cracked skin by using EOS lip balm products. They penetrate deep within the skin with all natural ingredients that include body butter and jojoba oil. You get moist lips that will repair themselves from the harsh effects of the elements and UV rays. Surprisingly, thousands of people…

Lifeline Screening Could Be Your Lifeline

Posted by in Health Screening

As we get older, we have to start thinking about our health, especially when genetic risks. Even if you are maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the risk of having a stroke doubles after the age of 55. Eating right and exercising does not protect you from certain health risks, especially if those risks are hereditary. Lifeline…

Kim Dao Gives a Comprehensive View of Her Japanese Apartment

Posted by in Youtubers

Kim Dao is a famous Australian blogger and YouTuber. She is an alumnus of the University of Western Australia where she pursued Japanese and Psychology. Her love for makeup, fashion and traveling saw her create a blog and YouTube channel immediately after moving to Japan. Using these platforms, she shares her experiences and her every…

Desiree Pere; The Tidal Winning Deals Negotiator

Posted by in Music Streaming Industry

Tidal recently refined its music career experience and decided to focus on what is new. It lately nailed few gigantic album exclusives from their co-owner talent, Kanye West, T.I., and Rihanna. These winnings raised Tidal App to its highest point ever in the iTune’s store, following West’s Tlop drop and his exclusives writings that have…

Securus named the Winner of the 11th Edition of the Gold Stevie Award for sales and customer service

Posted by in Prison Communication

Securus is one of the leading providers of criminal justice and technological solutions to the correctional facilities. The company has been in operations for the past four years and during this time, they have managed to really expand their customer base and improve on their service delivery. As a result of their exemplary work in…

Bruce Levenson Leads A Lawsuit Against New Hampshire Insurance Company For Breach Of Insurance

Posted by in Business News

Bruce Levenson, the UCG founder and former owner of the NBA basketball team, the Atlanta Hawks, is leading the AHBE LLC. lawsuit against the New Hampshire Insurance Company. The AHBE or Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC. is suing the New Hampshire Insurance Company in Fulton County Supreme Court for breaching its contract that it…

MK Ultra: Celebrities Under Mind Control

Posted by in Government Conspiracies

  Shia Labeouf In his youth he was known for classics like Even Stevens and Transformers, but Labeouf has changed as a figure in ways many people simply find odd. He’s become much more aggressive and he has a strong tendency to speak out against various political figures. His recent rants against Donald Trump have…

A Look At The Career of Executive Consultant Susan McGalla

Posted by in Executive Consultant

Susan McGalla is an Executive Consultant as well serving the Pittsburg Steelers as the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development. She has been in executive leadership for most of her career at some very well-known retail brands. McGalla grew up in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania along with her two brothers and a father who was…

Adam Milstein’s Discussion About Real Estate With Ideamensch

Posted by in Business Career, Business Leaders

Adam Milstein knows a lot about real estate investing and his company, Hager Pacific Properties has quite a portfolio he can point to. Hager Pacific Properties was basically built from the ground up by Milstein and his friend, David Hager after they both spent some time in commercial real estate brokering. Today it owns many…

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