Eucatex’s Flavio Maluf The Mastermind Behind It All

Flavio Maluf’s family founded the prominent company Eucatex in 1951. Eucatex had become the fore-runners in their industry by uniquely creating a recycling plant meshed with their production of building supplies. They creatively took advantage of the readily available supply of Eucalyptus native to the Brazilian region, used those resources to manufacture environmentally friendly building supplies, setting Eucatex 10 steps ahead of their competitors and dominating the industry. Read more about Flavio at

Flavio was born December 2, 1961, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Eventually, Flavio became president of his family’s company however, it was not just given to him. Flavio Maluf rightfully navigated through the ranks of his family’s company with hard work, determination and drive. Maluf graduated from an esteemed local University in Brazil, FAAF as a mechanical engineer. He furthered his education by studying administration here in the states at NYU then Maluf started working within his family’s company in 1987. Despite the extensive education he secured. Maluf started out at a very low-level job position. Nearly 10 years later his uncle approved Maluf’s involvement as an executive of the Eucatex Group.

This advancement subsequently lead to Malufs position as president in 1997 only after Maluf showed and proved how he could be an asset to the company. Eucatex was started by Flavio’s family nonetheless, it was Flavio Maluf with his trendy, modern and innovative ideas that resulted in Eucatex soaring leaps and bounds above their competitors. Maluf’s strategic business plans such as his fire prevention program, community employment program and proper forest management just to name a few have all attributed to Maluf’s ability to expand Eucatex from one facility to two. Eucatex continues to be ahead of the game and with Maluf’s mastermind who knows where they will be 10 years from now. Connect:

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