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Gustavo Martinez career history



Gustavo Martinez began his career in 1986 at Henkel Iberica. He was the product manager of the household products division. He has been in the marketing and advertising arena for the past 35 years.



In 1991 he worked with Price Water house as an administrator. Gustavo Martinez joined McCann in 1994. He worked with the organization for five years dealing with advertising, marketing, and healthcare.



In 1999 he was employed by Ogilvy & Mather as the commander in chief. His passion for working and getting more experience did not end there, he moved to JWT as the administrator, and in 2015 he becomes the Chief Executive Officer to J. Walter Thompson institution.



Gustavo Martinez apart from being a dedicated team member, he loves sports. The main game he is passionate about is golf and ski. He plays together with his family.



Interview review



At the start of his interview, he gave the meaning to the word consultant. He said that a consultant refers to a liberated advisor who offers high-end facilities at planned and operational levels.



He said that people from other industries need to know in regards to marketing business is creativity when it comes to marketing the agency.



His typical day involves waking up at 7.00 am, have breakfast with his family, read through emails and flick through the day’s news concerning the business. He works from 9 AM to 7 pm.



Gustavo Martinez, during an interview, said that he brings his ideas into life through being creative. His team members are so diverse and offer solutions to issues. He is designated to keep people inspired by doing so he keeps fit people in position. Recognizing people’s effort when they do something useful is a motivator to the people.



One of the trends that make Gustavo fascinated is the internet of things. The Internet has helped traders advertise what they are selling online for consumers to access quickly.



Gustavo Martinez habit that makes him a productive investor is his listening skills. He is an active listener. Generosity is also a key element to success. Making everyone you are with feel they are essential.



His advice to the young would be patience and always be willing to learn from other successful individuals.



Gustavo advocates for charity. Charity should not be done to be viewed as the right person, it should not be advertised, and names should not be written when donating. Being liberal is always the key to success.



His business has always grown because they employ top talents in the organization. They pay top dollar to get the best employees. Recruitment for new employees in his organization can be termed as ruthless, but all they need is to be with the best talent in the team.


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