Barbara Stokes Building Homes During Disasters

During natural calamities and disasters, the FEMA taps other private companies to respond as soon as they are given the go signal. These companies are instrumental in rebuilding damaged structures and rehousing affected members of the community. One company that offers an efficient and professional approach in rehousing the families affected by the disaster is the Green Structure Homes of Alabama, headed by Barbara Stokes. Visit to know more about Barbara Stokes.


GSH of Alabama is a private contractor offering Disaster Relief Construction. It specifically provides and builds different kinds and sizes of modular homes to serve as temporary shelter to affected families in the community. The innovative homes are efficient and loaded with the necessary things needed by the survivors. GSH of Alabama modular homes is inspired by the shortcomings of FEMA in the past. The company designs its modular structures with more rapid build times and low lifecycle cost to provide homes to the refugees and meet their needs as soon as possible.



Barbara Stokes is the brain behind these efficient product and services offered by Green Structure Homes of Alabama. She is the founder and the chief executive officer of GSH. Barbara is proud of the company’s modular homes and structures and gives the credit to their in-house engineers, design team, and architects. She revealed that she always work side by side with the team to make sure that ideas are efficiently applied and translated from conception to production. Read more at Business Insider.


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