DonataMeirelles Documented As an Active Supporter of AIDS Research

DonataMeirelles is a famous fashion influencer in Brazil. She worked as the style director of making Vogue Brazil, a brand that she developed into a leading fashion magazine in Brazil and other parts of the world.

Outside the fashion industry, Meirelles uses her time and resources supporting not for profit organizations working to prevent or find a cure for HIV/AIDS. She has been supporting the American Foundation for AIDS Research for over one decade.

“I started supporting the American Foundation for AIDS Research eight years ago. I help the organization to raise enough funds to find a cure for HIV,” the Brazilian fashionist told

The American Foundation for AIDS Research focuses on four main areas. First, the non-governmental organization funds independent researchers and research organizations looking for AIDS cure.

Second, the organization has been spreading HIV/AIDS awareness as a way to minimize the spread of the disease. For instance, the organization has been on the frontline of discouraging the sharing of contaminated needles, as well as spreading awareness on the treatment and prevention of HIV.

Third, the American Foundation for AIDS research has been collaborating with various stakeholders to implement policies that prevent the spread of HIV among high-risk groups like men who have sex with men, sex workers, and drug users.

As a supporter of AmfAR, DonataMeirelles funds AmfAR’s Annual Cinema Against AIDS, a fundraiser that unites various public figures who have been on the lead of supporting essential health causes.

During the event, AmfAR auctions high-value vehicles, jewelry, and other valuables donated by celebrities. Furthermore, the not-for-profit organization makes funds from selling exclusive tickets to participants.

In 2014, the American Foundation of AIDS Research honored Donata with the Humanitarian Award, an accolade given to active supporters who have been helping the organization to achieve its goals.

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