Jeremy Goldstein Has Provided True Levels Of Elite Service To His Client Base

Jeremy Goldstein has garnered great success as a lawyer are a result of his diligent service to the corporate world. Areas that Jeremy Goldstein excels as an attorney include the topic of executive compensation as well as mergers, acquisitions and corporate governance. Over the course of his prestigious career as a lawyer, Jeremy Goldstein has served as legal counsel for some of the most recognized entities in the corporate world. Past clients that Jeremy Goldstein has served as an attorney for include J.P. Morgan Chase and Company, AT&T Corporation, Alltel, Sears and South African Breweries, among many other elite clients from the corporate tier of business. Within this impressive work that he does, Jeremy Goldstein has helped to provide important guidance to Chief Executive Officers as well as governance from a managerial level. He is also notable for his dedication to a number of causes within the realm of philanthropy and has been a staunch advocate for mental health awareness for a number of years now.



The career of Jeremy Goldstein spans many years and he has accumulated a wealth of experience of knowledge during that time period. He also has a prestigious educational background that includes degrees from Cornell and the University of Chicago. His JD in Law was obtained from the School of Law at New York University. Jeremy Goldstein is also highly active with the preeminent legal organization the American Bar Association and he is the founder of his own prestigious law firm that he calls Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates.


Jeremy Goldstein is notable for the unique approach he takes to his clients. The fact is that he has developed strong relationships between himself and his clients and this has served him well. While a lot of attorneys might take a perspective of pure business in regard to the client and legal counsel relationship but Jeremy Goldstein works to build something more personal. He feels that this gives him an advantage in regard to being able to do what is best for the clients he serves. He is also notable for being very selective about what clients he takes on. This is so that he can always give his all to the clients that he does take on.


Jeremy Goldstein sees a bright future ahead for his legal practice as he is always mindful of keeping up with the direction of the legal world. He pays particularly close attention to the constantly evolving situation in the corporate world due to the fact that his clients come from this sphere. Keeping up with the issues that are ongoing in the corporate world also provide Jeremy Goldstein with a challenge that he thoroughly enjoys.


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