Carsten Thiel is Careful

Carsten Thiel, president of Europe for EUSA Pharma, knows what it is like to market weight loss drugs. He has been successful at it because he has learned from the mistakes of past marketers of these type of drugs. In the past, marketers have been so zealous about selling their products that they have claimed there products are so powerful they work perfectly even with a sedentary life. This is not true. And the many initial users found it out the hard way. These marketers and their companies ended up as failures. Thiel is clear in marketing weight-loss drugs that they work best when they are used in conjunction with exercise.

He also didn’t make any of the other big and unrealistic promises that past weight loss drug marketers have made. He was also careful to get on board just the right stakeholders. When he started this approach to selling weight loss drugs, it was considered very unorthodox. However, it ended up a huge success and has become the norm.

Since that time he has remained a leader who concentrates on the long-term success of a product rather than making the huge promises to begin with to make a lot of money right out of the gate. He is even clear that it is possible the drug may not work at all for some individuals. Thiel is also careful to maintain a stellar management team he knows he can trust to advise him well. In recent months he has led to the launch of drugs for oncology. In marketing brand new drugs, he has often found it best to help educate providers and customers alike.

Thiel freely admits that everything he does often means paying greater upfront costs than the immediate results. However, he has found that thorough preparation always results in greater long-term profits.

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