Bennett Graebner – A Creative Powerhouse in Film Production

Every year, we see hundreds and thousands of new films and TV shows come out. Because of the sheer quantity, we assume that film and tv show production is a simple process. What child has not seen the TV show and decided they can make a film better and faster than any adult? Unfortunately, we take this misconception with us into adulthood. In reality, the film industry is very difficult and it takes a number of professionals to achieve a finished product film (Chronicleweek). 


Because of the difficulty, it is hard for film professionals other than actors to gain acknowledgement, success and popularity within the film industry. We rarely celebrate the masterminds who create the shows or films, only to idolize the actors who are portrayed in a favorable light thanks to the production geniuses. 


Today we want to talk about one such film creative genius. Bennett is one of the world’s leading TV producers. However, his success has been a hard climb to the top. Today, he has gained his place among top producers bringing fresh insight into the reality TV industry. His increased popularity stems from his work on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette and his ability to tell these spectacular real-life love stories. The ability to build a story and plot into these two flagship TV programs is what has people talking, however; Graebner says that his success is really thanks to the well-rounded experience he has received from working in a variety of roles within the industry. He also credits his education and the ability to take important features from standard fictional TV shows and implement them in real life situations. 


Mr. Graebner is a Native New Yorker, although, now he lives with his family in Los Angeles California. currently, he spends most of his time working on The Bachelorette and Bachelor TV shows. However, Bennett Graebner´s experience spans other areas as well, as he has worked as a producer, cameraman, Electric installer, and in many other film industry roles. Aside from his ability to understand the importance of storytelling in reality TV, it is his ability to frame scenes, work with other people and understand sets that has benefited his career more than anything else.


Although Bennett’s background is an extensive one, it all focuses on creativity. Graebner has long loved the Arts and from an early age, knew that he wanted to work in a creative environment. His career started in Vassar College where he earned a degree in English. Bennett Graebner graduated Phi Beta Kappa. Upon graduation, he entered into cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California and earned his MFA. He has continually worked on film projects throughout his career and remains an active member of the USC alumni network.

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