How Serge Belamant Created Cryptocurrency Technology

Serge Belamant is arguably one of the most unrecognized names in the technology and finance industries, despite having quite a large impact on both. Belamant’s career started with a certain amount of uncertainty, as he changed his major in university on several occasions; his studies first began in engineering, before he switched to applied mathematics and computer science. After two years of studying the degree, however, he left college to take a few small courses with UNISA, focusing on information systems. Despite switching between the different areas, Serge Belamant was able to gain an extensive number of skills in each area.

This led to Belamant’s understanding of the niches being quite considerable, which came to become beneficial for his later career. After working for several companies in his initial career, he founded Net1 UEPS Technologies in 1997, which ended up becoming one of the more successful moves that he made. Throughout this time, Belamant was hired by a variety of high-profile clients to help with their technology, and IT needs. One of the most notable of these was a financial services company that looked to increase the security of their credit cards. Though the issue was relatively complex, Belamant and his team were able to tackle the challenge and invented a technology that would go on to become an industry standard.

Another notable role in these early years came when he was contacted by the South African government, where he spent much of his early life. The government was looking to find a way to make social security payments to an increasingly larger amount of people. While this was another complicated challenge, Serge Belamant was able to figure out a way to do so, helping to create a new way of making payments in the process. This, coupled with the credit card technology that he helped innovate, led Serge Belamant to realize that the technologies he invented could be blended and used in a few key ways.

By doing so, Serge Belamant created the technology that would eventually underpin what’s now known as cryptocurrency, which has become quite a disrupting factor in a variety of industries.

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