Isabel started Unitel, a telecommunications company, once she found her footing in the telecommunication industry. The widespread use of walkie-talkies in Angola aided Isabel in launching the company. Over the years, the company has grown to become the largest in Angola, generating a lot of profit yearly. However, Isabel’s fate at Unitel is currently unknown. She was once the president of the company but stepped down to become an administrator. If recent news is anything to go by, Isabel is no longer an administrator at Unitel but is still a part of the company. Once the chairman of the board of directors, Isabel has diligently worked at Unitel for several years. Disputes over the use of the company’s finances are raising issues for Isabel. She is no longer a part of the daily running of the company according to some sources.

Isabel dos Santos has been the greatest champion for a better future for Africa. She uses her influence and resources to bring industrialization to Africa, claiming that there is a bright future for Africa is the continent’s resources are put to good use. Isabel dos Santos was born to Jose Eduardo dos Santos, the former president of Angola. She had the privilege of studying abroad, giving Isabel the chance to see the modernization in other countries. When she returned to Angola from London, Isabel dos Santos began investing in the country. Isabel recognizes young entrepreneurs by showcasing their businesses on her social media platforms. The platforms show the story of these entrepreneurs from how they started their businesses to where they have reached. In the end, the entrepreneurs gain more customers for their businesses.

Isabel dos Santos has a degree in electrical engineering from the King’s College. She used the degree to work with Urbana 2000 on a project of cleaning Angola. Apart from the telecommunications industry, Isabel has worked in the retail, media, energy, and finance industry. She has even shown commercial interest in diamonds and oil. Isabel dos Santos owns shares in various companies including Nova Cimangola, a cement company. Isabel has worked hard to achieve what she has and gets invited frequently to give talks in various prestigious universities.

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