OSI Food Solutions invented the concept of ‘act locally, think globally’.

As a business owner, you wait and you wait for that perfect client that will eventually take your business to the next level. OSI Food Solutions found this client early on when they teamed up with the early incarnation of McDonald’s as their primary meat supplier. Of course, obtaining such a major client was not a concern for Otto Kolschowsky when he started his meat shop in 1909. At the time, his main focus was to become the best supplier of meat for the Chicago area. Before the company was named OSI Food Solutions, it was known as Otto and Sons, a name that Kolschowsky chose in 1928.

Otto and Sons was gaining its reputation as one of the premier meat markets in the Chicago area when a fellow Illinois entrepreneur by the name of Ray Kroc was searching for a meat supplier for his new chain of restaurants known as McDonald’s. When McDonald’s opened in 1955, Otto and Sons had become McDonald’s primary ground beef supplier. At this point the company had already purchased a large facility for meat processing which allowed it to accommodate the large orders McDonald’s brought to them. As McDonald’s grew, Otto and Sons also grew, acquiring other meat companies and doing an international business over the next few decades. In the year 1975, Otto and Sons changed the business’ name to OSI Industries.

In the latter part of the twentieth century they would partner with the Alaska Milk Corporation and the General Million Incorporation to become GenOSI to do business in the Philippines. In India they started the Vista Foods company in 1995. In 2002, they started OSI China in Beijing to expand their reach into Asia. Presently, they have offices and facilities in countries on 5 continents. The secret to OSI Food Solutions efficiency in capturing global food markets is based on a local focus. They hire local managers and local employees to run their companies internationally. By keeping their headquarters in Aurora, Illinois, OSI Food Solutions makes sure to keep the local roots for themselves, as well as their international partnerships and acquisitions. Click here.

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