JD.COM is a giant Chinese online retailer. It deals with a variety of different items ranging from cosmetics, electronics as well as food-related products. Over the years, JD.COM has increased its revenues and established a large Chinese market share of about 99% that has seen it earn respect from its loyal esteemed customers for its ability to offer them with quality products. One of the most essential factor that has led JD.COM to take over the Chinese online market is the fact that this e-commerce giant offers outstanding customer services as well as ensuring that the products ordered online are delivered on timely basis and in good condition and at affordable prices.JD.COM owns a number of credible website as well as trusted mobile applications that showcase, advertise and market their products. It is also from these websites where potential clients order their products and delivered on payment.

JD.COM has entered into contracts with the most prominent players in winery business Grand Tokaj which is based in Hungary. This partnership has seen JD.COM benefit in terms of receiving massive commissions for marketing the Hungarian wine in the Chinese market. This is as a result of the Chinese wine lovers being able to order their drinks from JD.COM and delivered right on time at their doorsteps. The wine brand got a positive reception from JD.COM clients since most Chinese middle-class consumers, especially the ladies, prefer imported wine. The positive reception for imported wine into the Chinese market has seen JD.COM being awarded as the number one online platform for launching the Grand Tokaj’s fine wine.

JD.COM has also partnered with Rockit Global Limited into introducing and selling New Zealand’s apples and kiwifruit into the vast Chinese market. Research from JD.Com shows that the majority of youths from China prefer imported fruits. JD.COM also offers procurement services for business in need of office equipment from an accountable procurement platform known as, from which a potential client can get all the pricing details he or she needs to make an informed decision. More than 80% of business have collaborated with JD.COM on matters procurement.’s: Youtube.

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