BetterWorks Provides Organizations with Employee Performance Management Systems

BetterWorks is a reliable enterprise software company situated in Redwood City, California. The firm established its objectives in September 2014 in a Series A round of funding from various venture firms. In 2016, the organization had raised approximately $20 million in the second round of funding. Over the years, BetterWorks has designed its app to offer customers real-time services. As such, it seeks to transform how employees interact with their managers at work. The technology’s main objective is to assist its employees in understanding the impact of creating a firm’s top goals. The platform, therefore, helps employers to give feedback while supporting employee’s career development and aiding their global achievement.

The management of BetterWorks understands that OKR programs provide firms with an added competitive advantage in the employment industry. The platform offers viable training programs to assist organizations in achieving success. As such, initiating an OKR program is also an effective way towards helping an organization to assess its employee’s performance. Besides employee performance, there are three main types of objectives that can be set. BetterWorks can also assist a business to put the said programs into action.

In the long run, BetterWorks seeks to align every team member via cross-functional programs coupled with transparent communication. Rather than providing users with yearly reviews, employers can use the platform’s continuous performance management process to enable them to adjust to the company’s transforming needs. Since the system simplifies performance conversations, team members can flexibly gain access to the feedback they require to remain motivated.

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