OSI Group CEO David McDonald Reveals Company’s Secrets In Doing Business In China

The OSI Group has a solid heritage of service and quality. It is one of the largest companies in the world producing processed meats used by retail and food service businesses in the US and in other parts of the world. Its product range includes fish, meat patties, hotdogs, bacon, pizza, vegetables, and poultry. The successful holding company has been in the industry since 1909 and has undergone several name changes. In those many years of providing excellent service and high-quality products, the company is led by David McDonald, who spent more than three decades serving the global holding firm.

At present, David is the president of the OSI Group. In one of his interviews, David was asked several questions on the company’s operation in the fastest growing and most powerful country in the Southeast Asia-China. The leader revealed some of the company’s secret on how they operate the business in a foreign country like China. According to David McDonald, one of the catalysts in the company’s presence in China is the team’s ability to be one with the locals. He revealed that becoming one with the Chinese allowed them to forge long-term relationships, which have been very crucial in comprehensively understanding and addressing the needs of the Chinese customers. David also disclosed that being flexible is another catalyst that spelled out the company’s ability to flourish in China.

The company’s flexibility is manifested in its ability to sustain the principles of the company, continue to provide high-quality products and understand the culture of a different kind of market. They were also able to establish long-term relationships in China, which entail so much time, effort, and investment. The company’s presence in China spans more than three decades and it is now enjoying the trust of the customers while listening to their needs and meeting their demands. David McDonald also disclosed during the interview, that like any other foreign countries, the OSI Group also struggled with several setbacks and difficulties in China. However, he said that they partnered with government agencies, local suppliers, and customers to be able to surpass the challenges. David also shared that in all their dealings, the leading global food processing company is very patient.

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