Greg Blatt; Seeking Other Opportunities outside the Online Dating Industry

Greg Blatt has had a ton of accomplishments throughout his career while working for Tinder, IAC, and Match Group. He served at these companies at different times between 2009 and 2017. His roles were mainly chairman, executive VP in general counsel, and executive chairman. Greg Blatt has been a force to reckon with when it came to helping the three online dating companies to build a firm foundation in the online dating field. He has also helped the companies to improve their revenues and clients immensely.

Greg Blatt has been highly successful in the online dating industry, and this may make some people wonder why he has chosen to get involved in other fields. However, this type of drive is what is needed for one to become successful in leadership. It is a vital lesson for individuals who want to be top leaders since growth is usually measured by how well the business is doing, and in Mr. Blatt’s case, the companies he has been involved in have grown tremendously during his leadership. Again, Greg Blatt is continuously pushing his limits to see how much further he can go, and he does this by seeking new opportunities.

His colleagues appreciated his determination, dedication and the effort he put into the companies, even though they were not thrilled to see Greg leave. Executives who have worked with Greg also acknowledged that the growth that the companies achieve under Greg Blatt’s guidance was excellent. For instance, during his time, at the company, Match Group got a five-fold increase in its user base, something that seemed impossible for even the most successful executives. According to Greg’s comment on his move to leave the industry, he talked about his success on the impact he had on the clients and the companies’ revenues. He stated that he had an incredible team that he worked with to ensure that the companies realized an increase in their revenues and also the group was responsible for ensuring that the bring a large number of individuals together to build suitable relationships, find love and have great experiences.

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