Jana Messerschmidt Responsibilities at Lightspeed Venture Partners

Jana Messerschmidt is one of the professionals that believe in new talents and more specifically in the technological space. Working for Lightspeed Venture Partners gives her an opportunity to discover more investors that are talented and in return mentor them to become midsized company owners. In this corporate space, Jana Lightspeed is responsible for the following four niches.

First, she is responsible for cleantech markets. Although cleantech is a relatively new market, Jana Messerschmidt believes that it will be instrumental for the future of clean earth and the world that is sustainable. Second, she is also interested in improving the level of investment in technology. In her corporate career, she has been keen on nurturing investors in different angles of the tech world.

Thirdly, Jana Messerschmidt understands that young enterprises are important for global commerce. She has worked with young investors in this particular space for years. Under Lightspeed, she hopes to bring more vibrancy to different markets. Finally, under this corporate outfit, Jana Lightspeed hopes to bring more professionalism, especially when dealing with consumers.

She understands that consumers are the most important stakeholders in the Lightspeed business model. Since Jana has unmatched experience in all these four areas, she hopes that the next five years will redefine the space of Lightspeed Venture Partners is the branding world.

Jana Messerschmidt, has a brilliant way of bringing new ideas to life. She is an engineer by training (from University of Illinois), and this educational background influences her on how to make calculative moves.

Unlike many professionals, Jana Lightspeed believes in planning, whereby he has a detailed but attainable checklist. According to Jana Messerschmidt, this approach helps her to understand all the possible outcomes and therefore plan well. Also, he believes that transportation in major cities is one of the areas with the highest investment potential.


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