Isabel dos Santos Justifies Why African Countries Should Incorporate the Current Technology

Technology has been used by many countries around the world as the way of creating wealth and establishing competitive advantage over other countries. Isabel dos Santos, who is one of the leading business person in Africa notes that the only way that African countries can grow is through technological incorporation in various activities. Isabel highlights the United States and Asian tigers as some of the countries that have shown how technology can be used as a source of wealth.

Isabel dos Santos notes that there are several benefits that come with incorporation of technology, which are real incentives that should be the reasons as to why African countries should be focused on technological incorporation. One of the main benefits of technology is efficiency. Most of the African governments have been criticized for poor service delivery and inefficiency in their operations. Incorporating technology is one of the key aspects that will help the government to improve on service delivery to its customers. Read more about Isabel at ECO

Ease of business is another motivating factor that should be encouraging African countries to incorporate the current technology. Isabel dos Santos highlights that most of the African countries find it difficult to attract investors due to hard business environment. There is no sufficient and reliable technology that would encourage investors to start businesses in Africa. Modern technology will enable investors to do business in a friendly environment, which will end up creating employment opportunities for the unemployed youths I n Africa.

According to Isabel dos Santos, majority of African countries export raw materials to the European countries and the United States after which they import finished goods. The problem is that the raw materials are exported at cheaper prices while finished goods are imported at inflated prices. To avoid such scenarios, African countries should incorporate the current technology and add value to their products after which they will fetch high prices.

Isabel dos Santos continues to highlight that planning is one of the major problem facing the African countries. Most of them don’t have the necessary plans to manage disaster, plan for agricultural production, and plan for the future needs of the country. Technology is a key aspect in planning and Africa should focus on incorporating the current technology.

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