Perry Mandera Strives to Improve the Community Through Customs Companies Inc.

Perry Mandera is well known for his expertise in the business field in the United States of America. He has been in business for over two decades and has helped in the creation of employment opportunities for many people. Perry Mandera loves to share with the community and is an advocate for community empowerment. Perry Mandera completed his high school studies and joined the United States Marine Corps Reserve to serve the community in 1975. He was assigned to work in the Motorpool. Perry Manders’s passion in his work led him to gather skills in driving and the logistics industry. He worked diligently serving the community in his capacity until he was discharged. Perry improved his skills further by working with transportation companies after moving on with his life.

Perry Mandera’s Interests

Perry Mandera was passionate about politics which prompted him to contest for the Republic Ward Committeeman seat. His ability to convince people guaranteed his entry in an elective post in 1984. He became the youngest person to serve in the capacity of Republic Ward Committeeman for four years. Perry Mandera was also passionate about business. In 1986, he formed the Custom Companies Inc to consolidate his experience and skills in the transport industry. The company is primarily based in Illinois and has several branches in the United States. Custom Companies Inc serves many clients ranging from individual entrepreneurs to institutional clients. He has created jobs to many people in the United States who work in his company (WordPress).

Perry Mandera’s company provides excellent services to the clients. The company is focused on the satisfaction of clients through their superb customer service. The outstanding service delivered by his company has enabled him to win various awards such as one of the top 100 American Transportation Executives of the millennium among others.

Perry Mandera’s Philanthropy

Perry Mandera is an advocate for giving back to the society which dates back to his early life in the army. He has actively participated in philanthropic activities and donated large amounts of money. He is an active member and gives to Jesse White Tumblers and Walter and Connie Payton Foundations among others. He created Custom Cares Charities Inc within his company to spearhead his philanthropic activities. Custom Cares Charities has been providing relief services during disasters Hurricane Katrina and California wildfires. Perry Mandera also involves himself with the youths and participates in many programs to empower them.

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