OSI Food Solutions Offers Customized Options to Its Customers Around the World

OSI Food Solutions is a privately held American company which over the past four decades has grown into one of the world’s biggest processed food suppliers. They have more than 65 food processing plants located in 17 nations. They provide both restaurant chains and retail brands with the ability to tap into a worldwide supply chain.

Due to the incredible size of OSI Food Solutions, they are able to obtain great quality raw ingredients at very good prices. They can also customize the food they offer to exactly match each customer’s specific needs. Each customer has a culinary profile that this company can match and they can also develop exciting new recipes.

The growth of OSI Food Solutions has been partly organic and partly through acquisitions and joint ventures. In recent years they acquired Baho Foods and Flagship Europe. A joint venture was formed in the Philippines which is GenOSI. They also bought a former Tyson Food plant in Georgia which is used to process food and as a storage warehouse.

They keep their processing capacity at the level it needs to be to meet future demand. As poultry demand has gone up in Europe, for example, they expanded their plant in Toledo Spain. This plant can now process 24,000 tons of chicken a year. They also installed a new kitchen so that they could create several new poultry products for their customers.

At OSI Food Solutions, everything they make is at their customer’s custom specifications. Rather than offering a standard catalog of food they instead work with each customer to find out their specific needs such as shape, size, and flavor profile. Both this company’s R&D and Culinary teams also closely follow trends in the food industry so that they know about the latest and most popular foods around the world.

They are highly committed to food safety at OSI Food Solutions. Their food safety division is led by Dr. Kenneth Petersen who had been a president of Regulatory Compliance at IEH Laboratories and Consulting Group. He also once worked for the USDA as an assistant administrator ensuring the high quality of food in the United States.

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