The Journey of McDonalds with the OSI Group

The OSI Group is known for its word class services in food processing and development. They have been part of our world for decades, and the most famous fast food restaurants that are notable today such as McDonalds knows how reliable and efficient the company is. People across the globe nowadays are normally conscious and curious about nutrition, calories, and the amount of preservatives. The fast-food chain has remained true to their statement where they do not produce food that has preservatives and it has been proven after Business Insider was able to witness with their own eyes how the burger of Mcdonald’s was made. They were able to take a look at the factory of McDonalds in Günzburg, Germany where millions of hamburgers are produced every single day.

People would love to know how the hamburgers of McDonald’s are really created, let me tell you how. First of all, be the factory of Mcdonalds in Günzburg, Germany is one of the biggest and largest factories of the OSI Group. It can be seen that personal hygiene is one of the priorities of the OSI Group and each employee should be healthy and clean before they enter the facility. Prioritizing hygiene throughout the factory is a must for it plays a major role when it comes to diminishing the risk for any possible contamination. Each employee wears protective clothing from head to toe to prevent any virus or bacteria to go into the meat. Next, the meat will be checked thoroughly to ensure that there are no bones present in it. After the meat has been checked, it will be put in containers and then it will be processed within the day. To know more about the company click here.

After storage, the meat is now ready to get minced then it will be shaped into burger patties. Take note that the machines that they are using are extremely cold. Afterward, the burgers will be tested for safety in terms of taste, structure, and texture. According to the OSI Group, the factory is noticing a rapid increase in production and they have been very accurate and neat with their work since then.

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