Desiree Perez Receives the Praise She Deserves

Desiree Perez

Billboard came out with a top 100 list that people might be less familiar with. In it they listed the top 100 women in music for 2017. It focused on the most powerful executives in the music industry. Desiree Perez has earned her place on the list after years of influential work. She joins a list of some of the most important women who have guided the music business for decades.

Other great names on the list include the COO of Atlantic Records, Julie Greenwald and Karen Lamberton who is the executive VP of RCA Records. It is high time that women in the music industry are recognized for the influential work that they do. The multi-grammy award winning rapper Jay-Z has sold over 50 million albums, and when he formed Roc Nation he became one of the most powerful people in music. He has since branched out, and he is now in the sports and media business.

Jay-Z brought Desiree Perez as Chief Operating Officer to oversee record label. She has been with company since 2009, but she has been helping Jay-Z in a variety of roles for over two decades. Desiree Perez has also been involved with producing tours and documentaries. Perez works closely with Jay-Z and CEO Jay Brown, and she is in charge of the day-to-day running of the Jay-Z empire.

One of Perez’s greatest skills is in the area of negotiation. She has created partnerships for Roc Nation to work with Samsung and Sprint along with creating Jay-Z’s music streaming platform called Tidal. One promotional event that she oversaw was the launch of Jay-Z’s album ‘4:44’ which she gave to fans for free. It meant that the album instantly went platinum. 

Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez is also involved with Hova Circle of Influence. It is an organization that has some of the most influential people in music. While it is a great honor to be on the new Billboard list, Perez is just as happy to remain out of the spotlight and leave the fame to the artists that she represents.

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