Why Investors Should Watch Investments Made By Mike Nierenberg

Mike Nierenberg has worked with bear Stearns this began in 1994. He held positions at JP Morgan. Many positions help him acquire the knowledge needed to excel in the mortgage business. He also worked at Lehman Brothers to help build their mortgage business. He worked at Lehman Brothers for seven years. As of 2013, Mike Nierenberg became the CEO of New Residential Investment Corporation (NR). It is the company who is worth over $6 billion. As CEO, he has participated in a lot of earnings conference calls that would inform many financial news institutions regarding earnings made by NR. Mortgage servicing rights have been a staple in the NR portfolio.

Mike Nierenberg show confidence in his company in 2014 when he purchased 1 million shares of NR’s stocks that was worth at that time $6 million. For investors who noticed Nierenberg’s investment in his own company, it is normally a good sign to see a significant amount of stocks being purchased by a leader of the company, because it could translate to the company will do well. The stock may be considered undervalued, but it is a good sign that an individual investor might follow. Many people who follows the top leadership at a company such as Mike Nierenberg usually translates to making money, because top leaders are not investing large sums of money expecting to lose money.

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