Contributions of Oren Frank to TalkspaceCompany

Oren Frank is a co-founder and the chief executive of the Talkspace, which is a leading therapy company. The company offers easily accessible and affordable therapy to people across the world. It helps people to improve their, mental health through video chats which are affordable and efficient. Through this company Oren Frank aim to overcome the stigma that comes with mental health and help people to openly speak out.

Oren Frank has offered exemplary leadership that has seen Talkspace help more than a million clients. This has been through making it easy for them to connect with professional therapists. He has a great belief in the power of innovation and technology to change the society for a better. For more information of Oren Frank, visit his crunchbase profile

Oren Frank has helped the company to come up with an unlimited messaging therapy that will eliminate all the barriers that prevent access to outpatient mental health services. He is seeing the firm make huge profits over time.

Oren Frank shows a great passion for providing treatment services for mental health. This has been revealed through his twitter timeline where he shares many articles relating to the field of medicine. He shows great commitment to helping people solve the mental problems they may be experiencing.

Talkspace has recently hired a chief medical officer. This will help to see the company advance its business venture and also begin to recommend medicines through the app where necessary. Oren Frank found it important to hire a chief medical officer so as to help in advertising to Talkspace employees.

Oren Frank holds conferences where he advises people to embrace therapy as a way to solve mental health problem and remove the stigma that come with it. He also advises other companies in the field of therapy and counsel to work in providing accessible and affordable healthcare.

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