What You Never Knew About Talkspace

Talkspace is an online based platform that offers inexpensive and private therapy to a network of different personnel’s via the licensed therapists irrespective of where the client’s location. The therapy company aims at bringing a happy life to a billion people. Users can also be able to enjoy the facility of unlimited messaging to their appropriate therapists without having to book appointments anywhere. The company takes a huge advantage to the growing technology and internet in order to offer a good approach towards therapy. The company further explains that people tend to open up their issues while in private rather than publicly that being the reason for maintaining confidential communication with their potential clients. Visit talkspace on Instagram for updates

This month the company has hired the prior senior medical director at UnitedHealth, Neil Leibowitz. His hiring has come at a point when the company is bringing up its enterprise business and resolving a strong IPO. Oren Frank the C.E.O of the company previously told CNBC that the company had hit more than 900 million users from their five years of service charging $49 for messaging a mental health professional and $79 for talking to a therapist online per week. All of these are giving the company over five million dollars as their income. With the recent hiring of the senior medical doctor the company’s physicians will be able to commence prescribing medicines when needed. Due to the national and law regulations they will only be able to prescribe via the videos.

In his twitter page Oren Frank keeps it professional. From his status he posts the aim of the company availing therapy to all and amongst his recent post is about helping teens in therapy. More to the company’s mission of making people happier his most recent post is about a hilarious video which has been viewed and liked by many showing the effect of therapy on the lives of personnel’s. Visit:

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