Ashley Lightspeed, the Business Consultant

Ashley Lightspeed is a businesswoman who is highly professional and helps companies and entrepreneurs to grow in the United States. She is also a business consultant who mainly deals with prototyping. Ashley has been having a passion for prototyping since he was young. And her passion was initiated by her father who was an engineer and used to spend most of the time with her. She also used to visit their garage regularly coming up with ideas, building things as well as sketching ideas. View Ashley’s profile at Linkedin.

Ashley studied her bachelor’s degree in Business at the Duke University which she joined in the year 2012 and graduated in 2016. She later continued with his studies to the masters level and entered the postgraduate schooling business in the Stanford Graduate School where she studied a master’s degree in Business. Ashley completed his masters in 2016 a started working with Bain Company as a consultant officer helping small companies and young people in business.

As she was working as a consultant, Ashley Brasier also used to do more operational works at Silicon Valley. Later she moved to Thumbtack Products Limited where he was employed as the Category manager. Some of her roles in the company included customer service and developing the Event and Wedding categories. Ashley applied his prototyping techniques in undertaking her task as a Category Manager, and indeed she worked excellently.

After working with Thumbtack for several years, Ashley Lightspeed moved to Lightspeed Venture Partners where she was employed as the Consumer Investor. She was also a consultant and used to guide small companies on how to grow and increase their productivity. Ashley also has some partnership with the company and plays an essential role in its growth and prosperity.

Ashley Brasier helps companies and businessperson in building their business empires.

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