Nick Vertucci Helps People Achieve Financial Freedom Through Real Estate Investing

Nick Vertucci was a successful entrepreneur selling computer accessories until the dot com crash hit in the late 1990s. He lost his million-dollar business and found himself wondering how he was going to support his wife and three children. Nick Vertucci was running out of options when he attended a real estate seminar with a friend and discovered an income-producing opportunity that would enable him to support his family. He was able to regain his fortune through real estate investing and decided to share his knowledge by creating the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy.

NVREA began operating in 2014. The company provides students with training in real estate investing and how to start a real estate business. Students receive training in a variety of real estate-related topics, some of which includes:

Nick Vertucci doesn’t shy away from letting students know that real estate investing is a difficult and highly competitive industry. The success rate for real estate investors is low, but he outlines steps that students can take that can put them in a better position to succeed, such as:

The training and education that NVREA provides are popular among the students who have gone through the academy’s program. This popularity has helped NVREA achieve growth in revenue of 259 percent from 2014 through 2017. This growth was also recognized by Inc. 5000, which named NVREA “One of the Fastest Growing Private Companies in the Country.” Nick Vertucci has had many setbacks, but NVREA is one of his successes.

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