Alex Hern, Transforming the Future Workplace with the Tsunami XR Workspace

Alex Hern is a well-known businessman investor based in San Diego. Currently, he is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Tsunami XR, a software development and technology company. For more than a decade, Alex Hern has been investing in Tech based startups with a view of helping them to thrive in the industry.

Alex Hern is also a futurist. He believes that Tsunami’s Augmented and Virtual Reality technology is the next great thing in digital workspace development. The technology, he believes, will have a profound and positive impact on consumer technologies for all companies and organizations across the world. The revolutionary technology, which his company has designed, will be useful in all office settings. The tech guru Alex has already implemented the technology in his office and testifies that it has positively impacted on his dynamism and connectivity.

According to Alex Hern, the Digital Workplace Strategy will afford the employees a chance to work together in a digital environment without much effort. The digital workplace Strategy will also guarantee greater satisfaction for future employees. It will be possible for them to work from any location with increased productivity and flexibility. The Tsunami XR workspace will also bring about the reality of co-presence in the workplace. The workers will interact independently with the content of their choice and with each other.


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