Serge Belamant; the Innovation Geek

The journey of Serge towards becoming one of them the world best innovators is an interesting one. He spent most of his childhood in the small village of Tulle, France. At the age of 14, he moved to South Africa alongside his parents. That is where Serge Belamant began his new adventure. South Africa is an English speaking country. Therefore, it was a bit difficult for him given that he was coming from a French background. Serge would later enroll in Highlands North High School where he learned English and excelled in different sports activities especially chess and rugby. Chess taught him to become a problem solver and read the opponent’s mind which is essential for any innovator.

According to Serge would, later on, attend Witwatersrand University for an engineering course which he eventually dropped to take a course in applied mathematics and computer science. This can be attributed to the fact that he loved arithmetic and coming up with new solutions. Again, after two years, Serge picked another course in Information Systems which he pursued to completion this time around. After his graduation, Serge Belamant worked and garnered in artificial intelligence, computer science, and biometric research. He stood out from his peers due to his hard work and dedication towards various assignments. He has a vast experience of 20+ years.

Zilch Technology Limited

He is the co-founder of Zilch Technology Limited, a data control company. Zilch aims to fill the gap between companies and online users. Serge Belamant says that creating web traffic can lead to an increase in sales in the e-commerce field. The company has headquarters in Leeds, West Yorkshire though there are plans to open affiliate offices in other parts of the world. The company only started operating on 17th July 2018 but has done an excellent job so far. Serge Belamant has worked as a computer scientist fore than a decade. He is responsible for the plan and design of Saswitch ATM network, the 3rd largest ATM switching system in the tech world. He patented the concept and had all the rights to his name. Serge Belamant is an innovative freak, and we can only expect more innovations from him soon.


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