Hope for Treatment-Resistant Depression with TMS Health Solutions

TMS Health Solutions is a San Francisco based clinic that particularizes on therapy for patients suffering from treatment-resistant depression. Moreover, the clinic handles mood disorder treatments. The clinic uses TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation), led by the two experts IN the field, Dr. Richard Bermudes and Dr. Karl Lanocha. The clinic was founded in 2007 by Brad Hummes and Richard Bermudes.

The FDA approved TMS in 2008 after consistent studies showed that TMS reduced the effects of TRDs (treatment-resistant depression). It further diversified by going on to treat OCD and PTSD, by being a new treatment option, in August 2018.

Approximately 30 VA veteran centers use TMS machines to treat patients suffering from depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Since TMS is a drugless aseptic type of therapy conducted to out-patients in a psychiatrist’s office, it renders more success in areas found less successful by the pharmaceutical industry.

TMS Health Solutions’ main ingredient is the use of TMS. It involves a magnetic stimulation method where specific nerves in the brain are targeted. These nerves are assumed to cause mental illness. A machine that produces a magnetic field is placed above a client’s head. This machine stimulates the brain cells that induces a certain mood. These are the nerve cells located in the cerebral cortex. Depending on a patient, sessions run through a 20-50 minute period with no recovery time required.

For optimum results, a 6-week consistent treatment regimen is advised. It may be temporary, but TMS patients feel satisfied from months to a year. Moreover, side effects are short-term and minimal. They include headaches and irritability on the scalp.

TMS Health Solutions statistics show that TMS therapy resulted in a 50% symptom reduction in a six-week treatment plan. A third of the patients had zero symptoms accounted for, of their depression or were in a state of remission.

TMS Health Solutions has significantly diversified, opening seven clinics in Northern California, in cities such as San Francisco and Burlingame. The Burlingame clinic, opened in 2017, is one of the newest of the lot. It has three main psychiatrists: Dr.Noah DeGaetano, Dr. Abel Bumgarner and Dr. Richard Bermudes. A certified board psychiatrist, an adult board-certified psychiatrist, and a chief medical officer respectively.


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