Ted Bauman: From South African Businessman To American Writer

Offering a wealth of financial insight to his loyal subscribers, Ted Bauman is an editor and writer helping readers tackle the dynamics of finance. Guiding people down a path of sovereignty, Bauman’s driven by the prospect of arming individuals with the tools they need to live a life devoid of “governmental oversight and corporate greed.” About Ted Bauman attributes his worldly essence to the 25 years he spent digesting South African culture. During his emerging adulthood, Bauman was keen to dissect the entrails of a foreign land. When the opportunity presented itself to move to South Africa, Bauman ventured into the unknown.

A sharp difference from his working life in Washington D.C., Bauman was met with the unfamiliarities that accompany such grand life changes. Bauman took to South Africa, falling in love with its history and people while gaining a new lease on life. With that said, the decision to stay indefinitely was a simple one. While settling in Cape Town, Ted Bauman attended college where he earned a degree in economics and history. Following his graduation, Bauman accepted various job opportunities in the nonprofit sector. His fondest memory during this juncture was fundraising for low-income housing projects.

Slum Dwellers International, an initiative Bauman was heavily invested in, went on to assist over 14 million people in nearly 35 countries. Upon his return to America, Ted Bauman honed his writing skills and found his niche in the creative realm. Now the writer and editor for Plan B Club, The Bauman Letter, and Alpha Stock Alert, Bauman’s undoubtedly made a name for himself in his domain. In an effort to appeal to audiences on otherwise mundane topics, Ted Bauman acquires real-life experiences so his investment newsletter “readers can see those ideas in their mind’s eye.” When he’s not flourishing as a prolific writer, Bauman enjoys doting on his daughter.


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