Dr. Walden Knows How Women Feel

In the area of plastic surgery, the majority of surgeons are male. Dr. Walden comments that this is probably the case due to the amount of time it takes to complete the education and training necessary. She points out this can take approximately an additional seven years after graduating for medical school. Women not wanting to delay their plans for starting a family is a frequent reason you don’t mind females like Dr. Walden in the field.

Her patients are glad that she is there for them. Dr. Walden understands there are many reasons to consider plastic surgery. Many women are looking to use plastic surgery as a way to correct a flaw in their body according to the doctor. Having a woman to speak about these challenges can make things easier on the patients. They don’t feel that they are being pushed to meet the male stereotype by a male doctor.

Dr. Walden walks the patient through the process which she is going to undergo. She explains the process to prepare for the surgery and the personal care needed afterwards. She is upfront and clear about her thoughts with her patients and ensures that her patient is considering all options before electing the plastic surgery.

Women enjoy her forwardness with the information about the process. They also appreciate the honesty about the recovery process instead of having money as her primary goal. Being able to speak with an honest doctor who shares an unbiased recommendation wit her clients changes the traditional plastic surgery field.

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