Michael Nierenberg Started As The Managing Director at Fortress

Michael Nierenberg is a USA-based professional in the mortgage industry. Currently, at the prime age of fifty-six, he is the chairman of the Board of Directors, president and the Chief Executive Officer of New Residential Investment Corp, positions that he has been holding in the company from 2013 to date. Mr. Nierenberg has lived quite a low-key life, especially on academic matters and achievements. None of such is within the public domain other than the many great jobs he has done. He has worked extensively in the banking industry, specializing in mortgage rates and analysis.

Earlier on, Michael Nierenberg started as the Managing Director at Fortress. Various managerial positions have also felt his influence, and so have many in the banking industry, mostly as the Managing Director or the Head of Mortgages. At Lehman Brothers, he was the brains behind adjustable rate mortgage business during the seven years that he spent there at the mortgage desk. Mr. Nierenberg later joined Bear Stearns where he worked for seven years, holding a range of senior leadership positions in the company including the head of interest rate and foreign trade operations. He also co-headed mortgage-backed securities trading. While at the same company, he served as a board member for two years before making his way to JP Morgan where he had tenure.

The peak of his starting career was at Bank of America Merrill Lynch where how joined in 2008 after moving from JP Morgan. At Bank of America Merrill Lynch, he served as the Managing Director. He also served as the head of Global Mortgages and securitized products where he foresaw all sales and trading activities within the division. Mr. Nierenberg boasts of vast experience in the banking and mortgage industry in the USA. This has seen him run New Residential Investment Corp successfully maintaining it at its peak.

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