Heather Parry knows what it takes to succeed in the film industry. For nearly three decades she has made a number of films and television shows that have received rave reviews. Parry has collaborated with some major names in the film world including MTV and Happy Madison Productions. Parry’s resume has opened the door giving her an opportunity to work on a huge film “A Star is Born.”

Heather Parry got her first break in the early 1990’s. She began working for MTV as the West Coast Bureau Chief for MTV News. Parry would go on to work for MTV for more than twelve years. During this time she co-produced two major films: “The Longest Yard” and “Get Rich or Die Trying.” In 2005 Parry used her connection with Adam Sandler and moved to work with Happy Madison Productions. During her time with Happy Madison Parry worked on a number of noteworthy films including “Just Go with It” and “That’s My Boy.” In 2015 Parry left Happy Madison and became the president of her own company Live Nation.

Parry’s extensive resume lead her to believe she could do even bigger things. She heard about the music related film “A Star is Born.” She quickly became interested in being part of the film. Parry’s Live Nation has already produced a number of films related to music including films for Lady Gaga, P. Diddy and Imagine Dragons. Live Nation is responsible for a number of music festivals. Parry believed Live Nation would be a great fit for the film “A Star is Born.” Parry was able to convince the producers to let Live Nation join production of the film. She now has another great film to add to her great resume.

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