Sunday Riley Doesn’t Give Up and it’s Paid Off

Sunday Riley got her name from her dad who thought that it would make a great business name for her one day and he was right. Sunday Riley can be found in their purses and makeup bags of women everywhere, and she even uses her own products because they are just that good.

Sunday Riley has many great products, and some of her best-selling products include Good Genes, U.F.O., C.E.O., Tidal, Luna, and Power Couple. She washes her face twice every day and uses Good Genes three times a week. She also uses C.E.O in the morning and then uses Tidal. She applies sunscreen and then puts on her foundation. At bedtime, she uses Tidal or C.E.O. cream, and Juno is her go-to cream that she uses on her hair and fingernails.

It is surprising how many people don’t wash their face and just washing your face can do wonders. You can spend thousands on beauty products, but if you do not start with a clean slate, it is all really for nothing.

She is very humble despite all of her success and growing fame, and she has plans to create a hair product line possible in the future. She is quite fascinated with hair, but she also has her hands full with her currentbusiness obligations at the moment.

She had a makeup line years ago that she discontinued. It was first launched in 2011, and it had 12 liquid foundations, 25 lipsticks, six blushes, six press powders, 25 eyeshadows, three loose powders, and six lip glosses. The only issue was that there wasn’t a strong brand. Sunday Riley built on that foundation of makeup products and experience and now has enough momentum and presence to really make it big.

Developing her new foundation did not come without its fair share of challenges, but she was persistent, and she eventually got her product in the stores. She wanted to create 20 shades so that everyone would be able to find the shade that suits them. The formulation that she created is sheer, and it is called “real skin finish.”

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