How to Invest like Paul Mampilly – Super Tips

Investing is an arguably challenging. It takes wit, knowledge, nerve, experience and a little bit of luck. The classical investor is always faced with the risk versus reward question every day. While most would conservatively invest safely, others cut their teeth in high-risk, high reward investment. One such person who personifies this mastery is Paul Mampilly.

Paul Mampilly credits his experiences in India for the investment skill-set. He contends that the environment does play a significant role in shaping the mind of an investor. Given the conditions he lived in, he had a deeper insight into the value of an investment. He reveals the tribulations he faced growing as his father sought to provide for the family with the meager earnings he got from employment. It is against this backdrop that Paul has grown to be a renowned investment guru. His insights are often sought especially about various stocks across many industries.

To be the perfect investment adviser requires an unrivaled foresight. Paul Mampilly prides himself in being able to take calculated risks. This was particularly evident in the various investment decisions that he has made before like Google stocks, pharmaceuticals, and Netflix. It’s the anticipation and strategic investments that have earned him a reputation of being a guru. So much so, that he has ventured into publishing being an editor in an investment publication. To command such a following speaks volumes about Paul’s investment genius.

While Google can be safely assumed to have been a safe investment, the particular move into Netflix was the boldest considering the 2008 recession at the time. He had anticipated the future of entertainment to be streaming. It surely paid off. Netflix has since become a household name and revolutionizing the entertainment world.

Such skill and instinct are only acquired from knowledge and experience. Paul Mampilly’s history as a hedge fund manager gave him the requisite expertise to predict albeit accurately stock movements. He started from a research position, and his analytical skills were horned at this stage. Anticipation and proper analysis are core ingredients for being a perfect investor.

Another smart move was entering into the publishing business. Paul realized that the surge of prospective first-time investors, who may have the money but lack the knowledge. He, therefore, monetized his investment advice! Classical investor!

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