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Heather Parry knows what it takes to succeed in the film industry. For nearly three decades she has made a number of films and television shows that have received rave reviews. Parry has collaborated with some major names in the film world including MTV and Happy Madison Productions. Parry’s resume has opened the door giving…

Sunday Riley Doesn’t Give Up and it’s Paid Off

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Sunday Riley got her name from her dad who thought that it would make a great business name for her one day and he was right. Sunday Riley can be found in their purses and makeup bags of women everywhere, and she even uses her own products because they are just that good. Sunday Riley…

Michel Terpins is a Dynamic Rally Driver

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It is evident that patience always pays. In any activity that you engage in, you must always be patient. In this context, Michel Terpins will be our main individual of interest. He is a rally driver, and he has perfected his skills over the years. Since the rally driving industry is very competitive, Michel Terpins…

Shervin Pishevar: His Bold Economic Predictions

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When it comes to making predictions about economic issues, there is no shortage of people doing so. However, few are as bold about their predictions as Shervin Pishevar. In a recent 21-hour tweet storm, he made a number of predictions about the U.S. stock market, Silicon Valley, virtual currencies, and other aspects of the economy that are…

Rebel Wilson: Isn’t She Romantic

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Rebel Wilson isn’t in the mood for love in the new movie, “Isn’t It Romantic?” The “Pitch Perfect” star plays Natalie, an architect in New York who scoffs at romantic movie cliches. The preview shows Natalie as a child happily watching “Pretty Woman.” Her mother tells her “love’s not a fairy tale. Girls like us…

How New Residential Investment Corp has Streamlined Operations in Real Estate Business

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One of the major factors most investors consider before investing in anything is risk involved. Risk as an academic discipline is one of the most discussed factors especially in relations to investment. However, the discussion on investment is incomplete without mentioning New Residential Investment Corp and its impressive low risk investment. The company has not…

Boraie Development Gives a Better Chance for Success in New Brunswick

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There are a lot of things that might be able to help cities, but luxury apartments and developments are among the best things. Cities can benefit from everything that comes with the luxury living spaces. When companies like Boraie Development start developing areas of places like New Brunswick, the cities start getting better than they’ve…

Doe Deere and Her Sister Kat Launch Poppy Angeloff Jewelry

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A new brand of jewelry is being launched by Doe Deere and her sister Kat called “Poppy Angeloff”. Everyone loves a rich and colorful gemstone and many individuals have their own personal favorite. Doe Deere is an entrepreneur who has always believed in beautiful and mysterious colors in her life. She loves the magic that…

How to Invest like Paul Mampilly – Super Tips

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Investing is an arguably challenging. It takes wit, knowledge, nerve, experience and a little bit of luck. The classical investor is always faced with the risk versus reward question every day. While most would conservatively invest safely, others cut their teeth in high-risk, high reward investment. One such person who personifies this mastery is Paul…

Betsy DeVos: the new US Secretary of Education

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Most people don’t realize this but Betsy DeVos has been gaining some ground in America’s fight for education choice reform and school safety. DeVos was appointed to the 11th US Secretary of Education office in 2016, and she has been working with school officials ever since to come up with good solutions to some of…

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