Serge Belamant: The Blockchain Mastermind

Serge Belamant is the brains behind the blockchain technologies. His inventions are inclined to ease financial transactions. With his invented technology financial institutions and other clients can process services faster.

A Successful Career Path

He started his career path at Matrix working in its BKSH division. Over time, he developed applications that aided in the analysis of the level of water in South African dams. Serge Belamant was awarded 1980’s analyst of the year. The first ever scientifically controlled financial system at DATABANK is attributed to him. He served as a consultant in Bancorp. He developed a system that analyzed risk and tested business sustainability, which earned him an award. Serge Belamant was appointed to head the information technology department in SASWITCH. Under his expertise leadership, the establishment was second in line of greatest electronic switch globally.

Serge Belamant’s Patents

This is a structure that enables a money exchange between two transactors. One party need an identity and account to validate the authenticity of the potential transactor together with the account that they hold with a financial establishment. This financial system facility is verified by an independent party and comes with storage to keep information about the potential transactor and particulars under his name in a financial establishment. The identifier is introduced into the system by a transactor.

The brain behind his creative patent is Serge Christian Pierre Belamant. It gives a device that facilitates a cash exchange at an automated machine, POS terminal, online or by logging in an account by creating a pin. This is after accurate biometric information has been fed to system, which facilitates a cash transaction and a way of processing it.

According to Serge Belamant is responsible for this patent. The invention’s publication date is June 7, 2012, and the filing for the patent was on November 16, 2007. This is an automated cash transaction system that contains a means used to determine the label of the identifier, which was introduced to the system by a potential transactor. It also provides methods for feedback to implement a programmed response.



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