Paul Mampilly Issues A Warning About Cryptocurrency That Investors Should Listen To

When people seek out an investment expert who they feel they can trust, Paul Mampilly’s name comes up time and time again. His expertise skills became well known after he was able to take $50 million and turn it into $88 million during an investment competition ran by the Templeton Foundation. He did so during 2008 and 2009 when the stock market was not looking so good. While Paul Mampilly started out working on Wall Street in 1991, he now serves a large base of subscribers through his investment newsletter, Profits Unlimited. As a member of Banyan Hill Publishing, he has been able to reach many regular, everyday investors who need someone just like him.

He proved his worth in 1999 during a time when most investors believed that the market would continue to surge. He saw the writing on the wall for the technology sector and tried to warn friends and others about a coming bubble. When the tech industry bursted, investors lost a whole lot of money, but Mampilly was able to sell his stock investments before this happened. Today, many investors are raving about cryptocurrency, but Paul Mampilly has been warning his readers about the potential dangers of investing in it. Paul Mampilly believes that cryptocurrency is on the verge of becoming a huge bubble and that the bubble is going to burst eventually.

The reason he is sure that cryptocurrency is on the verge of becoming the next bubble is due to the fact that the sector is very overvalued. Paul warned investors that, at this time, it has no real functional value and that it is clear to see what is coming because of how frenzied people are about it. Paul Mampilly has seen all of this before, and he finds himself in the position, yet again, where he must warn everyone about the potential dangers of certain investments. Ethereum saw a huge growth spurt in 2017, and while many investors made a lot of money during that time, it is so overvalued that it is surely going to come crashing down. About Paul Mampilly is also drawing parallels between Litecoin and Bitcoin, which are both decentralized forms of currency that will surely come tumbling down, too.


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